China student visa requirements

To study in China you're going to need a Visa although the kind depends on how long you're there for. For long term study you need an X1 China Visa and for short term study you need an X2 China Visa. In order to apply for this you need to provide a letter of acceptance from a Chinese educational institute, state your HIV status and have no criminal record.

To study in China you also must be fluent in Chinese, even if you're applying for a course taught in English. To prove this you must provide the results of the HSK examination; different levels are required for different degrees:

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  • Bachelors: Level 4 - 6
  • Masters: Level 5 - 8
  • PhD: Level 5 - 8

You'll also need to ensure you fulfil all academic requirements of the course which will differ depending on the university. Generally, you'll need at least 3 A levels or 2 A levels and 2 AS levels, all taken in one sitting. 

To live in China you'll be required to take out medical insurance and personal death/injury insurance, this can either be obtained in your own country or in China but is a requirement for all international students. It costs around £60 per year and you'll need to have a medical examination either at home or in China to apply for it. 

Furthermore, you'll need to have, or have had, a series of vaccinations in recent years before you can live in China. These include:

  • Hepatitis A (within previous 10 years)
  • Hepatitis B (within previous 5 – 10 years)
  • Japanese B Encephalitis (within previous 3 years)
  • Tetanus (within previous 10 years)
  • Polio (within previous 10 years)
  • Typhoid (once in a lifetime)