Denmark student visa requirements

In order to study in Denmark, you will not need a student Visa as a member of the EU, however, there are a number of other requirements, for example you need to be enrolled in a full-time course at an approved university, have sufficient income to live without needing income support and must have comprehensive health insurance.

If you’re staying for longer than 3 months, you’ll also need a registration certification to prove your rights as an EU citizen.

To apply for university in Denmark you’ll also need to provide copies of your educational qualifications with original stamps and signatures or copies which are signed by 2 people not related to you, with their name, address and date of birth included.

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Some courses will also have other specific requirements, so it’s worth checking what they are, as some may ask that you’ve achieved certain grades, have studied certain subjects or have done practical work experience before you can be accepted onto the course.

Furthermore, some Danish-taught courses will require you to prove you speak Danish to a satisfactory level by taking the Danish as a Foreign Language test, Danish 2 test or Danish 3 test. Alternatively, you can always enrol in an English-taught course and then take Danish lessons while you study there.