Italy student visa requirements

As a member of the EU, you don't need a Visa to study in Italy, however, you will need to be enrolled in an approved Italian university, to be able to provide details of your accommodation, prove you have sufficient income to financially support yourself without income support and have comprehensive health insurance

You'll also need to apply for a residence permit once you get to Italy by registering with the local police. This must be done within 3 months of your arrival. 

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If your degree is taught in Italian, you'll have to be fairly competent at speaking and understanding the language and you'll need to prove this. You can show this by completing and passing an Italian language exam. You need a minimum of a B2 in the Europass Language Passport Classification and then you may be required to pass an Italian language exam test organised by your university. If, however, you have a C1 or C2 in the Europass Langauge Classification, you will be exempt from the test.