Sweden student visa requirements

As an EU student you don't need a Visa to study in Sweden, however, you do need to register for a residence permit with the Migration Board no later than 3 months after you've entered the country. To register you'll need:

  • Proof of enrollment of your course
  • Assurance you have sufficient funds to support yourself financially
  • Proof of comprehensive medical insurance which is valid in Sweden

In order to qualify for free tuition fees in Sweden you need proof of EU citizenship; this can be through presenting a valid passport, no more than 3 months out of date, a valid ID card or any other official document stating your citizenship which is attested by someone who must counter-sign the copy and print their name and telephone. 

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Students with an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) will be entitles to access the Swedish Healthcare system in the same way nationals do. This means that there is a small fee to access most services. Usually to see a GP or doctor you'll have to pay the equivalent of £15 - £20. However, treatment is free for those under 20 and for those that do pay, there's a yearly cap so you'll never pay more than a certain amount.