Take your degree abroad

With the job market still struggling to recover from the recession and graduates finding greater employment challenges than at any time in recent history, teaching English as a foreign language offers you the chance to earn a decent wage, cut your living costs, improve your employability… and have an amazing time living and working overseas. With the British Council estimating that more than one billion people are learning English worldwide, the opportunities for graduates are virtually limitless.

Increased demand. Increased requirements.

As a recent graduate, it’s relatively easy to find work as an English teacher overseas. In some cases you really only need the ability to speak English fluently to find work. In fact, people have been teaching English abroad for decades with nothing more than a spot of wanderlust and their knowledge of the English language. However, over the last few years the market has become far more competitive and schools’ requirements have increased to the point where the vast majority of reputable schools now only want teachers with an accredited TEFL certificate.

How to get a TEFL certificate

Although a TEFL qualification isn’t absolutely necessary for finding teaching work abroad, doing a reputable TEFL course does make finding work loads easier. And there’s a lot more to TEFL training than just improving your employability and bumping up the wages you can demand.

Even a short 60 hour TEFL course will increase your confidence and give you some guidance on how to manage a classroom, prepare activities and teach a lesson. Obviously longer TEFL courses (such as i-to-i’s 140 hour combined TEFL course or a full-on CELTA course) will give you a deeper understanding of teaching English as a foreign language and help you to give your students the level of education they deserve.

How to get a decent TEFL job

Once you’ve got your qualification, there are a few different ways of finding work overseas. You can find yourself a teaching job from home, job hunt while you’re in-country, or sign up to a TEFL recruitment agency and let them to do the leg-work for you.

1. Search from Home

Sorting out a job from home allows you to get visas, travel arrangements and all the important stuff back home sorted, safe in the knowledge that you have a job lined up at the other end.

2. Wait until you’re in-country

Looking for work in-country allows you to check out the area, inspect the school and meet other teachers before signing a contract. However, taking time to travel isn’t always possible and it can get pretty expensive.

3. Use a TEFL job agency

This is probably the easiest way to get a job overseas, as long as you take the time to choose an agency that is trustworthy and reputable. i-to-i’s hassle-free job placement service is a great choice and a really straight-forward way to get a job with a reputable school.

Want more information about teaching abroad after uni? Download this free Graduate's Guide to Teaching and Travelling Abroad: http://www.onlinetefl.com/graduates.html