Us uni acceptance chances

Does anyone know much about the application process in the US?

I have done my IB examinations this May and now I have just started to study at a university in Spain. I do not really like it here so I would like to apply to an american university for next here. Because I really want to apply to some Ivy league unis, such as Princeton and Stanford, and because I was very ill during the exams in may which reduced my grades immensely, I am retaking some of my IB subjects this november in order to raise my grades from 32 up to something like 36. Is that enough? I know that I should have at least 39-40 IB points, but do I still have a chance with high sat scores (about 2300) and great extracurriculars??

Thanks for your answers!!!

First off, create a thread next time, not an article.

I'm no mod though so I'll answer your question. The US Ivy League and Co. generally consider your grades and your extra-curriculars as equal parts of your application, so you will be at a disadvantage with less that 38 on the IB. But the greater fallacy for most applicants is the interpretation of 'extra-curricular' as a need to stack lots of activities and charity works and competitions into your 'resume'. They are really just looking for someone who has a personality outside the classroom (and sometimes talent). Unfortunately, participating in charity work and varsity teams have become cliched and over-trodden, and likely won't cut it even if they are your passion. On the other hand, if you start your own charity that becomes locally successful or you are an all-state athlete, then you'd be in a much better situation. But most of us haven't changed the world or dominated a sport, so look at the smaller things in life. I know someone who got into princeton by expressing a true curiosity for the physics of light and energy. Another person wrote 26 pages of computer science mixed with philosophy for his extended essay. In essence, you need to have done something that requires you to really get off your *** and go after it.