General student life advice


  • Programme useful numbers into your mobile, such as Uni security, your UNi nightline, your Dept/Faculty Office and the library. They will come in handy, and this way saves scrabbling looking for them when you need them quickly.
  • Those 75p Sainsburys never-break orange bags are BRILLIANT for transporting books when you have to pack up at the end of term.
  • When your tutor or lecturer says 'Any questions?' remember that no matter how stupid/basic you think your question is the chances are that at least 15 other people have the same thought but not the wits to ask. Older students, lecturers,admin staff are all here to help and really don't mind being asked where the library is as you stand outside it (although by mid-November you might get short shrift).
  • Talk to people. If you are standing in the queue for lunch, in the library, on the bus. This how you make friends. Small talk is fine - or even 'My name is ...., I'm from .... And you?'.
  • At the end of lectures and classes, say loudly - 'I'm going for a coffee, anyone want to join me?'. No matter how shy you are feeling, remember that everyone else is too. Just splitting up as you leave the room can leave everyone feeling lost, deflated and 'without friends'. Make sure you include the International students - its even worse for them.
  • If you feel you have any problems with the academic stuff, go and see the relevant tutor. They will all have 'office hours'. This is MUCH more effective than emailing.
  • If you have personal problems or feel very low/depressed, tell people how you are feeling. And if it gets to be a major issue, make an appointment at your Uni Health Centre or Counselling service. Lots of people have some mental health issues such as homesickness or mild depression at Uni. And the Uni knows this and is there to help.


  • Save change for the launderette and such things. Or just go to a bank and change a tenner/twenty to the coins you need.
  • If you have somewhere to dry clothes outside or on a rack in your room, do it. Your clothes will a) last longer, and b) they wont smell of the launderette.
  • When drying stuff in a tumble dryer, ALWAYS check the filter before turning it on, burning your clothes isn't smart on a tight budget. It also makes the dryer more efficient
  • Dont over-dry stuff in tumble dryers - especially cottons - as it makes them FAR more difficult to iron.
  • Clean the filter by rubbing your finger or coin across it. Put the fibres in the bin.
  • Put a towel in so your clothes don't get too static
  • Don't hang clothes on electric heaters - they get too hot and its a safety risk.

Student Union

  • In your early days at uni check out how you access the support services offered by the university and the students' union. Hopefully you will never need counselling, emergency funds, have to appeal an exam result etc, but if you do then you wil know how to access the huge amount of professional help available within the university structure.
  • Better still, get involved - many unis have highly skilled student support networks which give you proper training and look great on your CV.


  • This may be 'Halls', but you are now a grown-up and the University manager is not your mother. Making sure that you and your belongings stay safe is now totally your job.
  • Make sure you have insurance (either a separate policy or included on your parents home insurance).
  • If you're living in halls, always close your windows and lock your doors when you go out - even if it's just to the kitchen.
  • Make use of space. If you aren't allowed to hang posters on the walls make use of the space you do have, sides of the wardrobe, back of the door, hell even the insides of the wardrobe!
  • Keep your room tidy - its embarrassing if other folk see how you really live, and it makes its easier to find things. Make a point of binning stuff, clearing up and reorganising 'stuff on your desk' every Sunday night.

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