Hack Freshers! Six tips to get you through week one

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Uni students explain how to do Freshers Week right

Freshers Week is guaranteed to be one of the more random periods of your life.

Take a bunch of halls-mates you've never previously met, add a collective sense of new-found freedom and mix it up with bank accounts freshly minted with fat student loans and you get...well, silliness. It's great.

We caught up with UEA reps to help you get your head around what to expect. Watch their take on the most important things to remember in Freshers Week...

Six tips for freshers: full video transcript

>>MEHVASH: Hi, I'm Mehvash, and if you're a fresher here are six great tips just for you. Fancy some free stationery? Of course you do. Come to freshers fairs and you can grab your free pens, free highlighters, save money and spend your money on more important things like cinema tickets.

>>BRAD: Hi, I'm Brad and this is my freshers tip. Join as many sports clubs and societies as you can early on to get a ready-made group of friends. I joined dodgeball and I made my friends by throwing balls at them and then going down to the pub afterwards. What will you join?

>>VICTORIA: Hey guys, I'm Victoria and this is my freshers tip. For those of you who've been trying to get away from your parents, guess who's going to be your new parent: the university. When you need some help with money you can go to university. And when you need someone to talk to, you can also go to university. And the best part is that, just like your parents, they'll be with you every step of the way.

>>HANNAH: Hi, I'm Hannah and here's my top tip for freshers. Don't spend all your student finance in week one. I lived with a guy and he bought a boat and he had some great boat trips but wow he was hungry by December.

>>GRAHAM: Hi, my name's Graham, here's my number one tip for freshers. Get out and explore, there's so many great opportunities for you outside. Don't be the person that everyone knows as the one who stays in his room, the recluse watching box sets. Make the most of all the opportunities you have there with your friends and you'll really benefit for it not just yourself personally but your studies as well. So get out there and explore.

>>LYDIA: Hi, I'm Lydia and this is my freshers tip. Use a crate of beer as a doorstop. If people are walking by, they can come in, grab a drink, say hi and you've got an open door to make new friends in your first week.

>>MEHVASH: For more great tips and advice go to The Student Room website.

>>VICTORIA [OUTTAKE]: Because guess who's going in your...gonna be your...sorry. I'm so sorry! [LAUGHS]

>>MEHVASH [OUTTAKE]: Come to the freshers fairs, grab your free pens, free...uh...oh gosh! [LAUGHS AND HIDES FROM CAMERA]

>>BRAD [OUTTAKE]: Hi, I'm Brad and this is my freshers tip... Um... No, sorry, it's gone. [LAUGHS]

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