Nine unusual university courses and who should study them

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There's more to uni than the traditional subjects you're used to. Here's some inspiration

When choosing what to study at uni, you might be tempted to carry on with a traditional subject you already know from school or college. But, once you start browsing degree options, you'll see plenty you’ve never studied before.

We spoke to the admissions team at UEA to get the lowdown on some of the more unusual courses you could take at university. Here's just a taster…

If you love maths and science

BSc Natural Sciences
Studying at degree level doesn’t have to mean going down a super-specialist path. This degree in natural sciences effectively enables you to build your own science degree, studying any combination of biology, chemistry, computing, environmental sciences, maths and physics. A great choice if you want to specialise later in your degree, rather than from the start.

BSc Environmental Sciences
By studying for an environmental sciences degree, you'll be grappling with topics that cover the natural environment and the impact human activity has upon it. The skills you'll gain from this degree will equip you for careers in areas such as the energy sector, conservation and environmental policy.
BSc Actuarial Science

Crossing the road, baking a cake, scrolling back really far on someone's Instagram...most things in life pose some sort of risk. But to an actuary, that's no bad thing. Actuaries deal with the analysis of risk, which makes this an area with a strong maths focus. Its connection to the business world means it's also a varied degree choice and one that can lead to a well-paid career.

If you want to help people

BSc Speech and Language Therapy
Communication disorders are more common than you might think. Around 2.5 million people in the UK are affected by one, so it's crucial there are people to provide help and support. A speech and language therapy (SLT) degree will teach you aspects of human biology, linguistics, phonetics and psychology, so you're able to really make a difference to someone's life. 

BSc Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists provide help to people who have an illness, injury or disability. For example, as an occupational therapist you might help a young person through anorexia or support an elderly person with mobility issues. This degree gives you all the skills you need to enter this rewarding profession. 

BSc Developmental Psychology
Where do you stand on the 'nature vs nurture' debate? Developmental psychologists are concerned with how we think, feel and behave, aiming to explain how that changes over our lifetime. The skills you'll learn in this degree would be useful in a range of careers including psychology, teaching, child health and welfare.

If you love the arts and humanities

BA Drama and Creative Writing
Love being on stage, but also want to know what happens behind the scenes? Here's an option that will open doors into scriptwriting, the theatre, journalism or publishing - to name just a few. In this course you'll be doing three things: writing, reading and performing plays to better understand the connection between each discipline.

BA International Relations
If you're fascinated by politics and see yourself working in international organisations, charities or the civil service, a degree in international relations could be ideal. This course can prepare you for a career making a difference on an international scale, addressing problems such as environmental destruction, international terrorism or disease pandemics.

BA Translation, Media and Modern Languages
Studying a language at university takes you a long way from the basics you've covered at school. For instance, in this UEA course, you'll not only study a language of your choosing but also learn the skills required to enter a career as a translator.

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