Various scholarships and bursaries are available to current and new students. Check your university web pages carefully as soon as you have decided where you would like to study. Some of these have very early application dates.

Scholarships and bursaries are not easy to get. You will be asked to fill in applications, detailing your family's financial status. You will also have to write a personal statement and go to an interview. Often there will only be one scholarship available, and many applicants. For these reasons, scholarships are seen as prestigious, and greatly improve a scholar's chances when graduating.

During your studies, you will be expected to do an annual report, of roughly two A4 pages. In this report, you talk about your experiences during the year (academic and otherwise) and particular success (top grades in an exam, creating a fantastic project, etc.) and difficulties. You also have the opportunity to thank your sponsor.

While studying under a scholarship, you are expected to get steadily good grades. This does not mean that you can never have a resit though. During work placement years, or while resitting a year, your scholarship will usually be suspended until you are back on track with the recommended degree course.

Universities will often hold scholar's receptions which you will be invited to. You will get the chance to meet your sponsors, see a presentation, and enjoy some free wine and snacks. You will be expected to dress appropriately as this is seen as a formal event.

Sports Bursaries

If you are currently near the top of the field in a sport, and would like to continue with this sport during your time at university, a sports bursary can help you with regards to financing travel, competition entries, governing body membership and kit costs.

Degree Specific Scholarships

A company may decide to support one or more scholars in your field. If you are lucky, these may also give the option of work placements during summer holidays. These scholarships come with the added prestige, and contacts with a large company which will greatly improve your chances when graduating. No requirement to work for the company comes with these, but due to having the contacts, and already having impressed them in interviews and work placements, then you have an increased chance of a job with them when you graduate.

Generic Scholarships

These scholarships often come from the university, and often from donations from graduates. They are given out based on academic ability and financial needs.

Entrance bursaries

As above, based on academic potential and financial needs, these bursaries help students with the initial costs of going to university. They are a bit easier to get than the scholarships, and are often offered on an unsuccessful application for another type of bursary. These are normally only given during the first year of study.

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