Seven common problems of living in a house-share

Lived in a shared house? Then you'll know all about these!

Living in a shared house can be lots of fun: independence, cheaper rent, occasional shared meals... and you might make a new group of BFFs along the way.

But there's also loads of annoying things that can come with sharing a living space. If you’ve ever had to share with a bunch of people before, you’ll be very familiar with these…

Personal items mysteriously disappearing

You pop back to your parents for a weekend and pray to the house-share gods that your things will be left alone. But then you get back...

“I hate people taking my stuff! I came home after a weekend away to have a pan lid, cheese grater, bowl, two forks, bread, washing up liquid, and a bunch of other stuff missing” - chelseadagg3r

Cookware and crockery aside, there is one action that is unforgivable:

“I hate when people eat my cheese and finish it.” - Fox Corner

Other people’s body hair

After a long day, you can’t wait to get home and have a nice long bath. Oh no, you can’t, your bathtub’s grown a beard!

“Not removing hair is the worst. I lived with this Indian guy who had excessive amounts of thick black hair. It got all over the shower, the sink, the toilet seat... The resulting arguments, passive aggressive notes and slamming of doors became known as the war of the pube.” - Quantex

“The worst thing in my house share was when someone in the house shaved their pubic hair and left it all on show for everyone else to see.” - Rock Fan

Constant sleep disruption

Not getting enough Zs seems okay when it’s because of late-night partying or Netflix-binging. It’s definitely NOT okay when it’s because of your housemates.

“Current annoyances are the person who doesn't take their front door key with them - he did this twice in one day as well! Also the amount of noise some people make just before going out - it's always really early too.” - Tiger Rag

“The most annoying thing is when someone hammers on the door, drunk, at 4am because they’ve lost their keys.” - Napp

But if there’s one thing worse than forgotten door keys, it’s this:

“Impromptu house parties involving 20+ people.” - Dez

The war of the heating

As summer draws to a close and the evenings get chillier, there’s an air of tension in the house as all eyes glance anxiously towards the thermostat. When’s an acceptable time to turn it on? Some people are happy leaving it off until they’re close to hypothermia - others, not so much.

“I hate when people want the heating on high but still leave all the windows open!” - dhr90

The lack of common sense

Things most people know from a young age don’t seem to be known by everyone, which soon becomes apparent in shared housing. Emptying bins when they overflow, throwing away mouldy food - some people just don’t seem to get it.

“When people put solid bits of food down the sink and then it gets blocked, so you have to go all plumber with a plunger to get it out. Or leaving bits of food on the floor so you get loads of flies and spend your evening sweeping it up just for someone to do it again.” - CoolCavy

“People with poor toilet hygiene - missing the bowl, not flushing or not cleaning the toilet.” - grape:)

“Leaving sponges/scrubbing brush in a disgusting state after washing the dishes is really annoying.” - Dez

Other people’s strange habits

Everyone’s different, but that doesn’t mean certain people don’t have some pretty weird habits…

“My housemate takes my stuff out the tumble dryer before it’s dry because he wants to use it. Then rifles through it all and folds my underwear!” - bethyh1996

“I had a housemate who once vomited in the hallway. He also defecated on himself after a night out and put his poo-covered clothes in the washing machine causing it to have to be cleaned.” - Kvothe the Arcane

“I hate the general lack of privacy with houseshares. Not being able to cook a fry-up in your underwear after a night out is the worst.” - A+B+C

The state of the kitchen

It’s one thing when it’s your own mess, but there’s something highly irritating about other people’s mess in your living space - especially in the kitchen.

“The mess my first year flatmates made really put me off house-shares. They never cleaned up the kitchen and I was ALWAYS the one to change the kitchen bin. There were chips that had fallen off of a tray and left for weeks on end. Weird crap all over the floor and dishes piled over the sink 24/7. When I stopped cleaning up their mess, the bin just overflowed. They must have assumed the magic bin fairy stopped visiting them.” - JoshDawg

“Things that annoy me: people not doing their own dishes or "borrowing" yours, people not putting their own rubbish out, people cooking and then leaving it on the side for a couple of weeks while maggots are born, people not doing their own or fair share of cleaning... I guess the most annoying thing about a house share is other people?” - dhr90

What do you think are the worst housemate habits?

Any horror stories to tell? Join in with the conversation below.


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