Six Freshers Week blunders you don't want to make

Everyone’s going to make mistakes during Freshers Week; but here are some you can avoid

Freshers Week is a time to make mistakes - you’re in a new place, you’re making new friends, and when the week’s over no-one’s going to remember anyway.

But if you want to steer clear of a few standard blunders, follow this advice from the TSR community. They’ve done the freshers fails so you don’t have to!

person packing a suitcase

1. Not packing the right things

It’s a tough job, packing for uni. Is a second suitcase of shoes actually necessary? Will you need your fancy dress supplies? Do you take summer clothes, or will it be cold by the time you arrive? These are all valid questions, but not everyone thinks of them: 

“During my freshers week, I only knew my roommate. He was Spanish, and had only brought shorts with him because that’s how they dressed in Spain... No club let him in.” 


If there’s a moral in there, it’s probably don’t underpack - but don’t overpack either. Just make sure you take what’s essential to you. 

“You really don't need to pack every item of clothing that you own, nor do you need all of your books and DVDs. I took so much stuff in my first year and I didn't need half of it.”

woman with shopping bags

2. Spending money too quickly

Big nights out can be a big drain on most student budgets. But it doesn’t have to be that way, as St. Brynjar explains:

“Don't feel the need to go out every night, just because it's Freshers Week. If it's a 50/50 decision then it's probably the right time to err on the side of hedonism, but that doesn't mean you need to blow your bank balance in your first seven days!"

St. Brynjar

You don’t start uni knowing these things; wisdom comes from experience, after all. It’s a bit like knowing to hold fire on shopping sprees when the first instalment of your loan comes in...

“Don’t spend all of your loan in Primark, like I did.”

friends in a messy room after a party

3. Wrecking your halls with parties

When you’re spreading your social butterfly wings at uni, you might think it’s a great idea to throw parties in your new home every now and again (or every weekend.) Hint - it’s not. 

If you’re gagging for a house party, encourage your mates to have it in their flat instead. That way, you’re not left with the clearing up, as Quantex discovered:

“I regret inviting half a nightclub back to mine for a late night party the most. The university cleaners had to come around the next day to clean up all the vomit.” 


Enough said, really.

man asleep half on the floor

4. Falling asleep in random places

You go out, you have a few drinks, you lay your hat wherever you fall down - it’s all part of the fresher lifestyle. But Freshers Week can be a cruel mistress, and your newfound ‘friends’ might not be as lovely as they first seem... 

“One of my biggest mistakes was probably falling asleep in the corridor after a particularly heavy night. I woke up to find an eyebrow missing. I learnt a valuable lesson.”

Meany Pie

On the other hand, there is something magical about awakening to find strangers fast asleep in your corridor. If you do come across any, be sure to leave their eyebrows alone.

friends with bottles of beer

5. Drinking anything and everything

Freshers can be a great time to let your hair down and have a few bevvies. Although people who haven’t done so before, should probably steer clear of downing a bottle of neat vodka on their first night. Or probably ever. 

“There's always that one person who gets smashed at pre-drinks and throws up because they can't pace themselves.” 


But you can learn from this mistake, by simply being selective about your tipple. Sometimes the cheapest drink isn’t always the wisest.

“Uni has put me off Buckfast for life, I can't even look at it without getting Vietnam-style flashbacks.”

Meany Pie

If you do fancy a drink and just haven’t found your favourite yet, here’s some valuable advice:

“Beer is the devil, the hangovers legit feel deathbed-tier. Nobody should ever drink anything other than spirits; they’re cost effective, there’s no drowsiness and they mix well to create stuff that actually tastes acceptable. Spirits can't be beat.” 


You’ve been warned..

man playing a video game

6. Not getting involved in events

If the constant socialising becomes overwhelming, take some time to find sanctuary resting up in your room. Just remember to resurface every now and then, as Freshers is a great time to try new stuff and meet new friends

“I kinda regret not doing enough. My sister is starting uni in October and I'm telling her to just do things! I was way too reluctant when starting last year, so would encourage people just to get out there and immerse themselves in uni life!”


But know your limits!

“Do join in with many different societies, but do not think that you can make it onto three different sports teams and start doing morning fitness classes the same week as coming down with freshers flu.. Just don't.“ 


Still, even if you do make lots of mistakes in Freshers Week, at least you can take comfort in the fact that others have done the same. Well, unless you’re usualsuspects that is: 

“My biggest mistake was insulting a celebrity at a club while drunk. Her family bought a house near one of mine and I'll likely have to meet her again. I also bought champagne from shops instead of online. And went twice to an undeserving restaurant.” 



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