Six ways to save money at university

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Eat smart, shop cheap and don't take your car!

Keeping tabs on your cash as a student can come as a bit of a shock.

For most people, going to uni is the first time you'll have had to keep a budget - suddenly you've got to think about paying rent, buying food, settling bills and keeping enough aside to go be able to go out.

Students have all kinds of tips and tricks that they use to keep a few quid in their pocket. But you don't have to wait until you get to uni to find these out. We spoke to students, union reps and student advisers at UEA to get their advice on saving cash at university. Watch the video below to find out what they had to say.

Follow those tips and you'll be well set for a healthier student bank balance. But how about the rest of uni life? Read more on what to expect at uniwhat current students wish they'd known before they started and 15 things that only ever happen in university halls.

Six ways to feel rich(er) at university: full video transcript

>>AMY: Hi, my name's Amy.

>>TEXT: Amy, UEA student union.

>>AMY: And my top tip for university life is to have two bank accounts. One bank account for your student loan to pay off household bills and your rent and then your second bank account to have money from part-time work or from your family to pay off day-to-day living.

>>TEXT: Get two bank accounts. One for your student loan. One for your other income.

>>JO: Hi, my name's Jo.

>>TEXT: Jo, UEA student adviser.

>>JO: My tip is: bring your own lunch with you. If you buy a loaf of bread for 80p or £1, couple of fillings, that's your lunches for a whole week as opposed to £12 or £13 for sandwiches from a deli.

>>TEXT: Bring your own lunches with you. Buy a loaf of bread and fillings. Save £12-£13 every week.

>>JOE: Hi, I'm Joe.

>>TEXT: Joe, UEA student union.

>>JOE: Here's my money-saving tip: leave the car at home. You don't need it. A lot of universities are really great at public transport, and it's really cheap, really quick, really direct and a lot of the time you're doing your little bit for the environment as well.

>>TEXT: Leave the car at home. You'll save money on fuel and help the environment.

>>INDIA: Hi, my name's India.

>>TEXT: India, UEA student.

>>INDIA: And my top tip is to try and get involved in some part time work. This is a great way to boost your bank account, particularly if you can pick up some extra shifts when you need a bit more cash. It's also a great way to boost your CV if you need a bit more experience for later on when you're looking for jobs.

>>TEXT: Get some part time work. It will boost your bank account. Looks great on your CV.

>>JO: Hiya, my name's Jo.

>>TEXT: Jo, UEA student union.

>>JO: A good trick I learned about saving money on a night out is actually to leave your debit card at home. This way, you can budget easier because you know exactly how much you've spent and you don't spend too much on rounds.

>>TEXT: Just take out cash for the night. Leave your debit card at home. Keep track of your spending.

>>SILVIA: Hi, I'm Silvia.

>>TEXT: Silvia, student union.

>>SILVIA: And my money-saving tip would be to look into all student discounts. You can find loads of free student discounts online. You can also invest in an NUS Extra card, or a railcard if you travel a lot.

>>TEXT: Look out for student discounts. Most discounts are online. Get the NUS Extra card.

>>AMY: For more money-saving tips and university advice go to The Student Room.

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