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How much of your stuff are you taking to university? How would you cope if someone made off with your laptop or your mobile phone? It's easy to forget about (or put off) getting contents insurance when you move to university, but buying a student policy can save you a whole heap of hassle further down the line. Not to scaremonger, but from experience things can and occasionally do go wrong. Whether you spill a drink on your laptop, lose your phone in the library or your tech just dies on you, the question is... Is it worth insuring, just incase? re First of all, check whether your student accommodation already comes with basic insurance. Many do, and it's often provided by Endsleigh, which also has quite a few branches, either in unions or near universities as it's the only insurance provider recommended by the National Union of Students (NUS).

These Endsleigh packages generally come with the option to expand your cover, so you can include named items or add protection for items taken outside your bedroom. Just be doubly sure your cover will protect everything you want it to; many policies are flexible meaning you can add additional items to the cover. If you have any extremely valuable objects, either get them insured with a specialist or have them placed as a named item on your insurance.

If you're considering using a policy your parent's currently use, again, just make sure this will cover items that will be kept at your term time address. Sometimes these policies don't cover TV, computers and other personal items whilst at uni. Do bear in mind, if you claim under your parents' policy their premium could go up, meaning they're then going to have to pay more! On sites such as Endsleigh you only have to put in a few details to receive a quote. Usually a drop in the ocean compared to having to replace a laptop, phone or tv!

There are other things that you cannot insure against but simple matters can save you a lot of time, money and distress. If your mobile contacts list does not back up to the cloud, make a copy of all your phone numbers and leave it at home. Back up your laptop as regularly as possible. It's easy now to find an external hard drive for under £50.

Finally, before shelling out for your own contents insurance policy, check out your parents' home insurance as well. Some policies will cover you as well.

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