Things that should NEVER be done at uni

Make sure you don’t fall victim to these university faux pas

No-one really knows what to expect at uni. You want a clean slate to do whatever you want, but you also don’t want to be the person everyone avoids for the rest of the year...

So the TSR community discussed what not to do when you’re a uni student, to help avoid any slip-ups - here’s the solid advice they came up with.


Obviously, uni is a time for meeting new people and trying new things. Just don’t get too experimental:

“Don’t agree to a threesome during Freshers Week because you think you won't see them ever again. It’s a small world, even moreso at campus-based universities...” - hannah0


But it’s a topic that seems to crop up a lot…

“Don’t sleep with your flatmates, because gossip spreads and whole flat dynamic changes.” - The Empire Odyssey

“Don’t have sex in the library.”  - Skyewoods

“Do not get into a relationship with someone you meet in Freshers' Week - you have options!” - Serine Soul

Still, nothing can top this pearl of wisdom:

“Don’t sleep with your tutor. At least, not before third year.” - DrSocSciences



Living in a flat with a bunch of strangers can be a lot of fun. However, this will rapidly change if you do any of the following:

“Don’t calculate the cost per hour of your house’s plug in radiator.” - DrSocSciences

“Please do not, for the love of pie, sing all night outside places where students sleep, especially if the song is repetitive and has one verse.” - SecretDuck

“Don’t steal someone's food. Don't even try - they may hate you forever.” - koolcat

Food is a big deal in a houseshare, as is the cleanliness of the communal area and your cooking habits in general. You don’t want to be that person who fries smelly fish at 1am, burns it and then gets the building evacuated. Or, as that_guy874 says:

“Don’t set fire to your dorm and, eventually, the campus when you're cooking.”

It’s also important to socialise and show off your fun side when you first move in. Just don’t end up showing too much.

“Don’t spend the whole first week in your room, and do not walk around the flat completely naked.” - GreenBowTie


University expands your mind and gives you the opportunity to engage in educational debate. Though, it’s probably best to be choosy about who you debate with:

“Don't ever argue with a tutor on a subject you know nothing about, because you will later discover she’s written a well-received book on exactly this subject.” - returnmigrant

Though, if there’s one thing to NOT argue about, it’s politics. If you can’t resist bringing it up, Atlas99 recommends you at least steer clear of this:

“Don’t admit you vote for the conservatives.”

Fair enough.

What one thing would you advise against doing at uni?

Any you've learnt the hard way?! 

Join in with the discussion below.


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