Top tips for finding a flat share

So you’ve moved out of halls and now you have to find somewhere to live that means you can still be with your friends and not break the bank. House sharing is really popular way to continue living the student life but there are some important things to consider to make sure you don’t end up living with incompatible people. Here are some top tips to help you on your way to finding your perfect roommate:

Placing the advert:

Be clear- about the type of person you want living with you to avoid wasting anyone’s time. For example: student, professional, mature student etc.

Be honest- about yourself and the place you live in - better this than having to re-advertise the room 1 month later as your poor unsuspecting housemate wasn’t informed of your fondness for late night drumming sessions!

Showing people around:

Tidy up any clutter so the person can see the space available but don't try to give a false impression that you are all like Monica from friends when the truth is you live in a pigsty.

Don't forget to show the prospective tenant all the good things that make life easier in a house e.g. dishwasher, microwave, power shower,fridge freeze, storage space.

Talking figures:

You've found the perfect Flatmate! Before moving in (or shortly after) several things should be discussed. Be crystal clear about: the rent - (whether it includes bills, water rates, council tax, internet etc) the date of the month it has to be paid, how much the deposit is, and the length of contract - this is crucial information and if misunderstood can cause major problems whether you are the owner or not.

Have it clear in your mind whether you are willing to haggle or not and if it involves the other tenants take time to discuss it with them and ensure you all agree.

Questions for potential flatmates:

While opposites may attract in love, living with them can be difficult. Be prepared for questions from respondents. And be honest. The truth will come out very quickly when you start living with them: Are you tidy? Have you had a roommate before? How many? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? How much time will they be spending over? Do you have friends over often now? How many and how often? What do you do for a living? What hours do you work? What is you sleep schedule on the weekends? Do you consider yourself a heavy or light sleeper? Do you have any pets? Do you smoke? Drink? Do drugs? If so how often? What TV shows do you like? What type of music? Do you have any hobbies? Do you like to share?