Travelling by bus

Although you can usually pick up bus timetables from a bus station, these can be quite confusing if you do not know the area.

The easiest way to plan your journey is probably using the Traveline service. You can do this online or by calling 0871 200 22 33. Simply tell the operator where you want to travel from, to, and what time.

Note: 0871 numbers are expensive to call on some tariffs, so you might like to see if an alternative number is listed for your

Traveline_NextBuses can be used to find the next buses from a particular bus stop, and it should work on your phone at your normal data charges if you can get mobile internet.

If you still struggle ask at your university or in its sub forum on The Student Room.

Travel Tips

  • Buses frequently run late, so when planning your trip you might like to ask for extra time should you have to change.
  • It is helpful if you can remember the bus number and the stand it leaves from (at larger stations) off by heart.
  • Bus drivers hate people giving them notes for a small bus fare so make sure you have change.
  • Does your local bus company offer discounts to students? If it does, and you use the bus regularly, pick up a pass.

Bus Companies

Since deregulation, hundreds of bus companies have sprung up and continue to operate today. The big four are FirstStagecoachArriva and Go North East.