Uni Life: 27 November 2015

Finding people to live with, part time jobs and bringing your Audi to uni... here's what's been going on this week in Uni Life.... 

Guaranteed to work

What we learned this week....

...the best ways to approach your housemates about living together next year.

You’ve not felt this awkward about starting a conversation since you asked out your first crush in Year 9. What if they don't feel the same way? What if they've already found other people? What if they think you're too clingy?

What if you end up living alone forever, with only your pet rock for company?

These are all horrifying prospects, so: how do you pop the question while keeping your cool? Cole-slaw lays out your best options for asking your housemates to live with you:

1) Use reverse psychology. Say "I would ****ing hate to live with you guys next year". 
They'll either be begging you to move in... or possibly will never talk to you again. 

2) Say it, but so quietly they can't hear, in the hope it works like a subliminal message.
If it works for the Illuminati, it can work for you. 

3) Start leaving pictures of London cabbie Mason McQueen around the flat because Mason sounds like “Maison” which is French for house and you want to know what they're doing for a house next year.
If they don't know who McQueen is, this may backfire. You could always try with pictures of Hugh Laurie instead. 

4) Just ask them.
Go on. They'll probably be relieved that you did. 


This week's poll revealed that over half of students don't have part time jobs. 

Part time job chart

Apart from the obvious money benefit, here's three other reasons why you should consider getting a job at uni: 

1) Employers love it: Employers want to see what you did with your time at uni besides studying - if you've got work experience this will really help once you graduate; especially if it's relevant to your dream career. Volunteering is also a great way to boost your CV. 

2) Social life: Getting a job in the SU or somewhere local is a great way to meet other students and people who aren't in your halls or on your course. Most jobs in pubs or similar places are really sociable so you'll be sure to make new mates. 

3) Variation: Jobs can be a welcome break from the endless coursework deadlines. "Having a job at least made 'breaks' feel productive," says k4l279. "I actually like having a bunch of different things going on at once," agrees *pitsleh*. Not to mention, jobs teach you valuable soft skills like time management and task prioritisation which will help you in your degree. 

Advice: Should you bring a car to uni?


I wasn’t expecting to go to uni as I already have a career, explains Rugby6. But now I’m going I don’t know whether to take my car or sell it – what’s more, it’s a fairly expensive Audi. 
While most students probably don’t a Porsche to worry about, whether or not you should bring your car is definitely something to consider. 

For anyone thinking about bringing a car to uni there are two questions you need to ask, explains Cole-slaw: “where are you going to park it, and what are you going to use it for?”

“On one hand it's quite nice to go to neighbouring city and towns as a kind of excursion,” says jonathanemptage, but on the other having a car isn’t really necessary and can even be something of a burden. “You'll probably find that it's so inconvenient and/or expensive to park, that the car will be pointless” says Klix88. “Plus any parking is rarely secure and the uni will take no responsibility for it - an expensive car will automatically be a target for thieves,” she continues. 

All in all, unless there's a urgent reason you'll need it, it's probably best to leave your car at home. 

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