Uni Life: 4th December 2015

Weird housemates, accommodation horror stories, bringing your laptop to lectures and how to appeal unfair marks are some of the things people have been talking about in uni life... 

toy story

Students are a stoic, resilient bunch, capable of putting up with some amazingly bizarre and unpleasant living conditions…. or maybe they're just too lazy to do something about it.

Here’s what they’re prepared to endure:

Loud, messy or downright weird housemates: 

“Someone left a whole tomato floating in the toilet and a slice of cheese stuck to the wall of the shower." k3ro

"My friend had a housemate who would steal enormous amounts of toilet paper (nobody knows for what) and regularly emptied everyone's shampoo into the shower.” Marwin123

"The toilet had a ceiling window, and he'd make a point of opening it in the winter because he liked being snowed on while sitting on the toilet.” Marwin123

"One of my friends had a housemate who hated everyone else so much that on the last day before he moved out he took a **** on the living room carpet.” Marwin123



Arctic temperatures:

"Having no heating during the winter months and wearing 3 tshirts, 2 hoodies and a dressing gown." k3ro

"Heater broke during a particularly harsh winter - I slept with 2 hot water bottles, 2 duvets and hat/gloves.” VickyDoodle

"Water in the toilet bowl & cistern froze each evening and during some days. We had to warm it hourly (hairdryer and/or warm water from the kettle) to keep it usable." Klix88

The dreaded, yet ubiquitous, MOULD:

"Bowl of milk was covered and forgotten about for many weeks. It went blue." k3ro

(Original post by k3ro) "We moved the sofa away from the wall, the ENTIRE wall was green/black from mould, landlord had to call in a professional as it was 'unsafe'" k3ro

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Our poll revealed that an overwhelming number of student prefer to write their lecture notes by hand. 

lecture notes

Should you switch to using a laptop? “I don't know why people still use pen and paper in lectures. It'll probably die out soon,” says Eva.Gregoria. Here’s some of the benefits of taking your laptop to lectures:

1) They’re organised: “Digital notes can get saved straight to my Google Drive so I can view them on my phone, laptop and desktop, and I can also easily make any edits when I go over them later on,” says VannR. “Paper notes just get scrunched up, lost and never looked at again,” adds SophieSmall. 

2) You can take more information down: “At the speed my lecturers go I couldn't hand-write my notes,” explains lilGem. “Handwriting notes is way too time consuming and it's harder to edit handwritten notes,” says Nav_Mallhi. 

3) You can sit in the back and play games or talk on TSR. 


“I failed an assignment and the feedback was inconsistent with my work with what I would call errors in it,” says Emhswansea. “I resubmitted the work having made the relevant changes and more and it has just failed again and yet again the feedback is inconsistent and contradicts the marking of my first attempt,” she explains this is when she began to think something was amiss. 

So what are your options when you feel like you’ve been marked unfairly? Appeals processes are long and can be distracting, so it’s a good idea to try a gentler approach initially. 

“I would firstly ask to discuss the feedback with your module leader, to make absolutely sure that you have understood the comments correctly,” says Klix88. “Going in with all guns blazing will only result in a great deal of personal stress and angst and is not recommended,” says returnmigrant, so make sure you’re open to a discussion and the possibility that the mark is actually correct. 

If you still feel that something’s not right then you need to approach a Student Union rep who will be able to talk you through your university’s appeal process.

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