Uni life: Beautiful libraries

Library porn (the safe for work kind), dealing with the cold and university societies... here's what everyone's been talking about: 

What we learned this week....

Some universities have absolutely stunning libraries. "So many nice looking libraries. As a bookworm, this thread is a must have for me," says Kallisto. Here's some of the most beautiful: 

Yale University, USA

The Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, posted by Student403



“You really just expect some awesomely all-knowing AI machine to 'inhabit' that,” says Fullofsurprises. 

“Can somebody explain this gloriousness to me?” asks The Arsonist. You were probably wondering the same thing. Luckily Camilli is on hand to explain: “It's for rare books and manuscripts. The centre contains them all in an air-tight sealed chamber. If they need to put out a fire, the doors will be closed and the chamber can be filled with a gas that will extinguish the flames (nitrogen?). Otherwise, it's at constant temperature and humidity. 

The outside walls are solid marble but are just translucent enough to let in enough light to see without damaging the books.”

Technical University 'Gheorghe Asachi' Library, Romania

Posted by Protagoras

Technical University 'Gheorghe Asachi' Library

George Peabody Library, John Hopkins University, USA

Posted by Kvoth the Arcane

George Peabody

Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Posted by MrsSheldonCooper: "That is Trinity College Dublin to be exact," says Protagoras. 


“Totally agree that TCD's Old Library is one of the world's most beautiful. But just be warned that students don't actually study there: it's now primarily an exhibition space & tourist attraction,” says Gutenberg

Pontifical Lateran University Library

Posted by Protagoras

Pontifical Lateran University Library

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Our poll revealed that about 56% of students aren't part of any university societies. 


If you've not joined a society yet, it's not too late. Societies are a great way to get involved and get experiences you wouldn't otherwise be able to. Sports societies often arrange getaways so you can travel in a group. This is useful especially things like ski and snowboarding trips and diving outings. 

Uni societies also look good on your CV and show future employers that you're motivated. Being a treasurer or running a society teaches you invaluable soft skills like organisation, interpersonal skills and managing a budget. 

Societies are also fun and a great way to get out of your comfort zone and meet new people. 

Advice: Keeping warm at university


Now the colder months are kicking in, it's important to make sure you're warm. Unfortunately this isn't always so easy. “The radiator is right next to the door so all the heat goes straight out and my desk is next to the window which has a vent that can't be closed.” says AdorableDrip.

If your uni room is more icy than cosy, these tips from the discussion should help:

“I can't think of a way to heat the room as such but I would 100% recommend getting a 'microwave hottie'” says becxmayo141. These wheat bags can be heated up in the microwave and used like a hot water bottle. 

“A little oil filled radiator under the desk will help. They're usually safer and less energy hungry than fan heaters.” Says PQ. “Also it you're in a flat/hall see if there's a radiator out in the hallway that isn't switched on.”

“Cover the window with a blanket. I know it sounds silly but I've live in some super cold flats and it helps,” says BKS.

“Keep your room curtains closed. This does make a nice difference,” says keyhofi. Heat escapes through the glass and the curtains help shield the draught. 

“Block off the draft coming under the door - even a rolled up towel on the floor will help,” says returnmigrant. It might be easier to invest in a proper draught stop. 

Things not to do: 
If there's a vent in your room, don't cover it. It's there to prevent the buildup of moisture and mold, so make sure it's left uncovered. 

If you're going to use a fan heater, make sure you do it safely. Only use them when you're around and don't ever cover them as they can be a fire hazard. 

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