Uni life: Can you guess these subjects?

It's quiz time! Can you guess these uni subjects just by students describing their day? Answers are at the end of the article. 

Also this week - is it worth getting an e-reader for uni, and how bad is it really to commute?

1) Nav_Mallhi

9-5 day in a lab with an hour lunch break. My lab work today involved lots and lots of wax, Bunsen burner and lots of fine handwork.

Is it… 
a) Dentistry
b) Chemistry
c) Prop making and prosthetics


2) Quantex

Talking to supervisor about how annoyed chickens will get if you keep turning the lights on at night. 
Spent afternoon in a white coat enjoying many different cultures.

Is it… 
a) Anthropology
b) Cheese and Yogurt making
c) Biology


3) Slowbro93

Currently sitting down doing some computer modelling.

Is it… 
a) Modelmaking 
b) "A thingy to do with fogs."
c) Engineering


4) CAElite

Listened to an angry man shout about different numbers whilst doing questions around what he was shouting.

Sat on a computer designing dodgy lookin' shapes.

Is it… 
a) Graphic design
b) Theoretical physics
c) Engineering


5) Berkmann18

Today, I was trying to find ways to implement a non-keyboard-layout specific key control for a pong game.

Is it… 
a) Computer science
b) Games design
c) Sports science

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Poll: Do you use an E-reader?

Our poll revealed 86.57% of people don't use e-readers for their uni work. 


If you're thinking about getting one, here are the pros and cons of e-readers.

Pros: Convenience:“I can search up specific words and concepts easily without having to faff around with bookmarks and highlighters,” says TurtleberrySoup

Good for on the go: “I did find my kindle useful when traveling and needing to read up on stuff for my dissertation so I would definately recommend it for doing some revision while on the go.” Says CrazyKittenLAdy 

Cons: Format problems: “I tried reading journal articles on my kindle, but the PDFs always transferred in a really wonky way, so in the end it wasn't worth it,” says Gutenberg. Images: “e-readers are not very good when dealing with textbooks that have a lot of graphs or pictures in them, they just don't seem to handle the layout very well.” Says kitkatbitesize. 

Advice: I can’t afford to move out

“With my family being relatively high earners, I just can't afford to move out,” says BigJ97. “I don’t want to be scrounging off my mum” he continues, but is worried about commuting: “I know everyone says that stay at home students don't get a good social experience, but is it that bad?” 
“It's not as bad as people make it out to be,” says madmadmax321. “I have a friend that commutes to uni everyday - work wise he just comes in early and stays in all day working to get it done.”

"the main loss will be the freedom to go out and come back whenever you want or not be judged for skipping a lecture once in a while," says Helloworld_95. 

But if you're thinking about staying at home and commuting, there are some things that are less obvious. "It's not just going out but the experience of living on your own, cooking what you want when you want," says New - Emperor. "also there are things like move nights kitchen tennis and halls cricket and random nights out," he adds. 

You also need to think about what your parents want, because they might surprise you. BigJ97 updated everyone: "Spoke to my mum,and she says she wants me to move out! Not in a harsh way but in the way that it'll be good for me, so she's gonna help me with the rent after all." 

Top conversations this week: 
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How did you choose your uni housemates? 
Ever seen any of your school friends at uni?
What are you studying?


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Quiz answers, how many did you get right?