Uni life: cheating at uni

Cheating at university, coping with presentation nerves and celebrating graduation, here's what's been going on in uni life. 

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Cheating at university...

You'd expect everyone to realise it's easier just to revise for the exam than go to the effort of cheating by the time they get to university, but it seems like that's not always the case
Here are some crazy cheating stories:

Nailed it“I once overheard a guy saying he'd written some key dates on his nail for a history exam.”



Bless youI was in a room with other exam candidates. One candidate sneezed and coincidentally, four of us sneezed on separate occasions in the span of 30 seconds. The invigilator thought something suspicious is going on but she did not follow up on it.”



Paper chase“The invigilator was reading a newspaper in the hall. Everyone thought he was asleep, so two boys started cheating and exchanging papers. Then, suddenly, the invigilator stood up and called the boys who were cheating! Actually he had poked some holes in the paper to see through.”

Hafsa Ali


Instant karmaMy friend wore an incredibly baggy jumper to school. When he looked down, he could see the list of answers he had sellotaped to the inside of his jumper. 
What's even funnier is this: it was a multiple choice paper. And he accidentally missed out the 3rd or 4th question. That caused a frame-shift of answers, i.e. for the 5th question he put the answer to 4, for the 6th question he put the answer to 5. So from that point on-wards he got every single question incorrect.”



Book smart“We had our French assessment and we were allowed to use dictionaries. A friend of mine wrote her entire essay, cut it into little pieces and hid it in the dictionary.”



Calculating“I always used to write my notes on the inside of my calculator cover. If you write small enough I swear you can fit the entire length of War & Peace onto a calculator cover.”

death grips


Poll: Did you celebrate your graduation?

Our poll revealed that just over half of you celebrated your graduation. 

“I worked very, very hard for 4 very long years of my life to get my degree. Not only did I get dressed up in the whole 'gown and hat' thing, have all the fancy photos and act like the most important person ever for the day, I did it with a smile and took part wholeheartedly in all the ponce and ceremony that comes with it,” says Nirgilis. 

“Hell yeah. I milked my undergrad and fake MA graduations for all they were worth. I was determined to celebrate in style and make the most of the poncey Latin ceremony (which I really enjoyed in the end, even though no one had a clue what was going on)” agrees The_Lonely_Goatherd. 

“I didn't go to mine; neither my mother and I cared so I didn't bother," says gemmam. “No, because I'm a black sheep who never gets gifts or celebrations for anything I achieve,” agrees WBZ144. 

It might feel like graduation is an overblown ceremony but if you're cynical remember that this is going to be one of your few chances to experience being at one. You might want to go for the benefit of your friends and family. Seeing how happy and proud they are of you makes it worth it. 

Advice: Presentation nerves

Feeling anxious about doing presentations is a rite of passage at university, but it's more difficult for some people. For some, the thought of talking in a seminar is daunting enough, let alone speaking in front of a room full of people. “I’m thinking of dropping a few shots before to help loosen me up, anyone done this before?” asks College_Dropout . Though resorting to dutch courage sounds a bit drastic, he’s definitely not the only one who feels this way: “please let me know how this goes, I've always considered doing this before but never actually had the guts to try it,” says Fas. 

So if sneaking a beer in to class with you isn't the best way to get over your nerves, how do you cope? 

"If you drink before you present, next time it'll be twice as bad. Just practice it over and over, present to your mum, present to your cat and postman," advises Tom78. 

"The only way to get better is to dive in and throw yourself at it. It will be scary and nerve wracking, but the more you do it, the easier it gets," agrees Captain Jack. 

"try deep breathing before you go in to do them instead. It's usually the beginning that's the worst," says Preetg97. 

“I remember how terrified I was the first time I presented at uni and now it is a routine experience at work.,” says Zarek. Look at your uni presentations as an opportunity to "practice the skills you will need going forwards,” says doodle_333.

If you’re feeling so anxious about doing presentations that you’re feeling ill or the worry is becoming overwhelming, make an appointment to see your GP. They'll be able to give you some guidance and support about how to manage your anxiety. 

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