Uni life: cringiest moments

Embarrassing university moments, revising for summer exams and how often you leave the house...

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What we learned this week....

Although you might hope to have grown out of the awkward stage by the time you start uni, sadly it might not always be so... but if you've done something stupid recently don't beat yourself up about it. Make yourself feel better by reading some of these cringey moments



I was sat in a lecture and decided to go on Facebook, I clicked a video thinking it was a normal Facebook video. However the sound effect was porn on volume 100. My lecturer about 10 steps away from me. Thankfully the students found the funny side of it...



I was once in a practical exam and got my stethoscope stuck in my lanyard choking myself. Moved the lanyard to my trouser belt and it got caught in the foot of a patient and I made him do the splits. It was mortifying.



Mine was when we had to stand in front of the class and do a presentation. I meant the PP slide to say count but it ended up saying the c word!”



My most embarrassing moment was first year during our first practical lab session. I got -40% in the prelab (negatively marked), did the walk of shame the night before and took me an hour to get home, got to bed at 5 and had to be up at 9. 
I completely messed up the practical, and I ended up dissolving my product which meant I had to start over again when I had an hour left. Whoops.



Writing that primates were necessary for incest control instead of insect control in one of my big reports.”



My flat mate walked in on me sitting at my computer with my trousers off and he was like "Oh...sorry are you busy?" (No I was not actually watching porn, I was actually getting dressed but I sat down to check my email, basically bad timing!)

Poll: How often do you go out?

Are you a massive party person or a hermit? Our poll revealed that 57.6% of respondents live a solitary life, only venturing out of their rooms to make tea and possibly a bit of toast (to be fair, when the weather's this cold, who can blame them?). "Me: Can't wait to go to uni, visit new places, always out. Reality: Sat in a box room on TSR," says urbanlocations. 

Only 5.9% are out so often they're not sure where they originally came from. 

haw many times a week do you go out?

"I am more of a house party/spending time at my friend's place/pubs than actual clubbing. I generally meet up with them around 2-4 times a week," says Amonute. " used to party every other night. Then it hit me that I need to mature and grow up, so now it's every other week," explains ReeceAgnew.

It doesn't all have to be about the parting either: "Well I don't party or go drinking, but I have activities to do like sports and choirs and stuff," says HAzMusicPanda. "I like spending time outside. I try to go for a run every day, and I hope to bike more once it gets warmer.... I think it's really important to get fresh air every single day," says sjohnson98. 

Some people just don't fine the time: "I used to be a party person when I worked 10 years before coming to Uni. The truth is now I don't have time for my own friends never mind making new ones," says 2209857t. "o those who party, how do you manage it?"

Advice: Getting ready for exams

It's coming up to spring now so you're probably starting to think about revising for your uni exams. So how do you revise for them? 

"Unlike A-level, uni is partly about developing your own ideas and researching your own interests, rather than just learning the principles off by heart," says Slowlorisincognito. So learning everything by wrote won't help you if you don't know how to apply thoughts in an original, critical way. 

"What I like to do is, for each lecture, do lecture notes, essential reading notes, further reading notes, then sum it all up into a mind map," says TeaandSugar. 

You should be able to get hold of some past papers which will help you to practice answering questions. If you've previously been given a list of essay questions to pick from try answering some of those in timed exam conditions. 

Here are some top tips from SlowLorisIncognito to help you nail your summer exams:

1) Make sure you have good, detailed notes for every lecture. 

2) If there's anything you really don't get, make time to talk this over with your lecturers now. Don't wait until you come to revise it.

3) Don't try and read textbooks cover to cover, use them as a springboard to point you in the right direction for further study. 

4) Use extra reading to find real world examples or studies which you can bring up in exams or essays.

5) Don't feel limited by the reading list. If a topic interests you, look for other studies/books in the same area. 

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