Uni life: lab partner fails

Lab partner fails, keeping your kitchen stuff safe and should you already be revising for your exams....

Lab partners...

Is your lab partner the Kronk to your Yzma? "What's the dumbest, most outrageous, most absurd thing your lab partner has done?" asked Nuclear Ghost, after a frustrating day at uni.

“The most stupid thing my lab partner has ever done was choose me as a lab partner!” quipped _bright eyes. 

Lab partners aren't always perfect, but next time you're frustrated with yours, just be glad it's not one of these guys...


I was in science once and this guy had a full blown afro and forgot to turn of the Bunsen burner and he leant over it to get something from behind and set his fro on fire.


Decide to test the effectiveness of the chloroform by holding it to their nose.


My lab partner was sexting his girlfriend while pouring hydrochloric acid with potassium. He over poured it and the whole beaker went into flames.


Instructor: Make sure the burner is off before you clean the table with ethanol...partner proceeds to spray ethanol into the burner and make a small fireball.


My mate spilt concentrated hydrochloric acid in the fume cupboard and instead of calling a teacher over he called me and we just sat and watched it melt a hole through everything. Who knew fume cupboards were so expensive!?!


Some kid put a piece of raw bloody kidney in this guy's waterbottle and the guy drank it...


Poll: Have you started revising for your summer exams yet?

Our poll revealed that a surprising 70% of you haven't started revising for your summer exams yet. 


"Loving how the "No" poll is going strong," says lovinlife. 

"My exams are in June, but I'm revising now," says Jamie S. "I am doing small bits of revision as I go," says SeanFM. 

"I only just finished my January exams a couple of weeks ago! Haven't even thought about revision for summer exams yet," says super_kawaii. "I won't be starting until Easter probably," says Changing Skies. 

Even if it's a little bit early to start thinking about proper revision, it's a good idea to start getting ready now so you can hit the ground running. 

1) Organise your notes and make sure you're not missing anything essential. This will make it so much easier when it comes to starting revision, and you won't procrastinate by organising.

2) Speak to your lecturers about any topics you don't understand. Don't leave it until the month before the exam to start ironing things out, otherwise you might find you've misunderstood something essential and have to start all over again. 

3) Make a study plan. Make sure you've got our revision schedule sorted in advance. You'll need to prioritise your weakest subjects and make sure you've covered everything. This means you'll have enough time to cover all your topics and won't be rushed or overworked when revision comes around. 

Advice: Looking after your stuff in halls

Worrying about losing your cooking stuff to the communal kitchen? You're not alone. "Is it weird to not keep all your kitchen/dining stuff in the shared kitchen?” asks littlenorthernlass. “I just have this image of me having to cart out my kitchen stuff from my room to the kitchen every time I want to make some food and I feel like I'll look silly and obsessive.” 

Nobody wants to come across badly, but at the same time having to eat out of the pan because someone 'borrowed' your bowl again gets old real fast. How do you handle the situation? 
“When I was at uni I kept all my things in my room, even down to my tinned/boxed food,” says mscaffrey, “It's not fun trying to dig your things out from underneath other people's untidy things.”

“My gf lives in halls and she does because people used to just use her stuff and not wash it,” agrees ForeverGaining. 

“I'll build a kitchen in my room if I have to,” agrees thecatwithnohat.

If you're really worried about people using your stuff, try laying down some ground rules. "I didn't care if flatmates borrowed utensils etc so long as they were washed up and returned immediately, and that was almost always respected," says Origami Bullets. 

Sometimes though, you might just need to accept the realities of living in halls. “To be honest, it's far easier just to buy some cheap stuff and then just not care if you lose stuff,” says Origami Bullets. Missing plates and messy kitchens are a part of university life so don't spend loads of energy worrying and stressing about something you can't change.

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