Uni life roundup: 20th November 2015

Uni interviews, doing well on essays and what to do when you're not feeling like a genius: here's what everyone in our Uni Life forum has been chatting about this week.

cat reading the wind up bird chronicle

Murakami quote, or uni interview roleplay?

Can you tell the difference between postmodernist existential literature and uni applicants practising for their interviews? 

The uni interview roleplay thread revealed that uni applicant psychology has surreal, yet strangely poetic, depths. 

Are the following quotes from Haruki Murakami, the contemporary Japanese author, or TSR uni applicants? See if you can guess. Post your answers in the comments. 

1)""One, two..." The interviewer paused, and looked thoughtfully at the cat. "What comes next?" he asked."


2)“I had a look at the clock. I sighed. The answer was on it, but I coughed and it vanished along with my dreams."


3)“Instead of things I'm good at, it might be faster to list the things I can't do.”


4)“I decided that this university had caused me much pain. So I looked for another way to pass the time.”


5)“When I open them, most of the books have the smell of an earlier time leaking out between the pages.”


Our poll revealed that 53% of students got a first on their first piece of uni work. There may be some skew going on, so if you didn’t do so well as you hoped don’t worry. Everyone’s shared their top pieces of advice to help you out. 

first assignment results

Three tips for doing well in uni assignments:

1) “Preparation - Do lots of relevant reading, compose a clear argument in your head then make a good plan,” says dean01234. 

2) Don’t regurgitate lecture material says Klix88. “If you show that you're reading independently and understanding what you read, your percentages will go up.”

3) “When you get your feedback be sure to look at where you went wrong and where you went right, so you can omit and replicate those features, respectively,” advises hellodave5.

Last of all, not getting such a high grade might actually be a blessing in disguise: “I learnt how not to do an essay, and my seminar tutor gave a lot of constructive criticism,” explains Swanbow.

Advice: Feeling stupid at university

University can be a bit of a learning curve – you’re in a new environment and it’s not unusual to feel like you’re out of your depth. “In the short time I've been here all I have felt is inferior and incapable of producing work which the university wants me to,” says izzikayte. So how do you handle feeling like the dunce of the class? 
Don’t feel intimated by your coursemates: “people who flounce around acting all self assured are covering up for something,” says Zame. “Sometimes people can sound confident and be saying the wrong thing,” says Chanpagne. So focus on your own work and don’t compare yourself to others, university isn’t a competition. 

If you’re struggling make sure you arrange some one on one time with a lecturer to discuss your work and where you need to improve. It might feel intimidating, but lecturers are there to help and are happy to discuss things with engaged students who want to improve. They’re not going to judge you. 

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