Uni life roundup: 6th November 2015

6th November 2015 

This is a trial of brand new weekly mini-newsletter highlighting what the community in Uni life has been talking about, from chat to advice about problems students face. Here's what everyone's been talking about over the past seven days.... 


What we learned this week....

A little bit like ducks, lecturers imprint on their students and know which ones belong to them just by the way they look: 

Archaeology lecturer, trying to figure out where his field trip students were queuing for the coach: "These can't be ours, they're really neat and well-groomed! The girls are orange. I reckon this lot are Tourism and Hospitality. Has anyone seen a bunch of unshaven guys with tattoos and piercings? Or girls, with just the tattoos and piercings?"


As the lecturer walked into our first face-to-face tutor group tutorial he said: "Is this the right room for.... oh! There's a guy with long hair so this must be the right room".

It's 2nd year philosophy.

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Poll: How far away is your uni?

Our poll revealed that the majority (230 out of 924) of students go to university 100-250 miles away from their home town. For every homebody there's an intreped explorer: about as many stay close to home as do those who travel over 500 miles away. 

Uni Distances

"So glad I made this decision, hometown was boring as hell," says super_kawaii, "getting far away was the best decision I ever made!". But there are pros to being closer to home: "my dad could get to me in less than an hour in the car if I needed," says minimarshmallow. 

How far did you move away to university? Do you wish you'd gone further afield, or do you wish you'd stayed closer? What advice do you have for people applying this year? Share your wisdom. 

Advice: making friends

If you're finding it difficult to make friends in your first year of uni, don't give up hope. Friendships take time to develop, so it's normal to feel you've got more acquaintances than bosom buddies. 

"Your perception that everyone else is making very close friendships is possibly misguided," says wimbs. The people you befriend in the first year aren't necessarily going to be the ones you stick with. 

"I loved being at uni, but the first year was pretty lonely for me. All good in the second and third years though. It makes me sad to see people on TSR thinking about dropping out in the first term because they haven't made any particular friends yet," says Klix88. 

At the very least, try to stick it out until Christmas. If you're feeling really blue then you can always go and speak to your tutor or a counsellor to get some advice and see what your options are. 

Top conversations this week: 
What's the biggest issue you're facing at university? 
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Apparently kicking someone's chair in a lecture is childish
What do you wish you knew about uni before starting?

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