Uni life: your dream uni inventions

Your dream university inventions, what to do if you're not satisfied with your course and whether or not you should adopt a dog at university...

Dream uni inventions


We've all watched Wallace and Gromit and everyone's dreamed of having some of their crazy inventions at some point in their life. So if you could invent just one thing to make uni life easier, what would it be

Edible cutlery

Feel Tha Bern

Pasta that goes through the sink


Bed ejector instead of an alarm, preferably one that makes land face first on the floor


A special type of paper that gives of a scent that brainwashes my tutor to give me 90%


Self-washing cutlery/crockery/everything


Something to make cheap and healthy meals for me out of what I have in the fridge


Share your dream uni inventions in the thread here.

Poll: Are you satisfied with your course?

Satisfied with your course

Our poll revealed that 35.5% of you are satisfied with your course,46.5% think it’s alright while 18% aren’t satisfied. 
So what should you do if you’re not happy? 

It’s possible to transfer course, especially if modules are similar, but don’t rush in to anything. It’s important to figure out why you’re not happy – is it the subject, the course or the university that you’re struggling with? 

If it’s the university atmosphere is troubling you, remember that life in the second and third years is often quite different as you move out of halls and are more settled in with your own friends. 

If you’ve decided the subject isn’t for you, “think carefully before you just jump into another degree,” says SophieSmall “Don't make any rash decisions on a whim that you "think" you'll enjoy it, have an end game don't just coast through it.” If you pick another course without doing your research you might find yourself back at square one again. 

If you’re finding the course content difficult, get to the bottom of that before you decide to move to a new university. “It's worth trying to figure out *why* you're struggling, so that you don't have the same problems,” says Inazuma, Make an appointment to see your personal tutor to talk through your problems and see if there’s any extra support available. 

If you've decided that transferring is the right thing to do, read through the uni transfer FAQhere

Should I get a puppy while at uni?

In 2015, GracieIsCrazy asked about her flatmate who was planning to get a puppy with her boyfriend. “Our landlord explicitly stated no pets, and I am very uncomfortable with the idea of a puppy running around the place,” she said. “I don't know how they'll pay for it either, because she is just a student. I don't want to have to pay a fine if the landlord finds out (which is likely).” 
So.. is it a good idea to have a pet at uni? The short answer is probably not. Firstly, you're likely to run in to problems with your landlord. “Read your tenancy agreement. getting a pet would almost certainly be in breach of that,” says 999tigger. 

But it’s not just your landlord you’ll need to worry about. “Puppies are cute, but they are expensive, and require lots of training,” says FilmNerd1989. “Tey'll have to pay not only for food, but also for vets bills, inoculations, spaying/neutering, any other medical expenses ( accidents, poisoning, illness etc ) beds and other equipment.”

CracieIsCrazy came back to update on the situation: “They eventually did decide to get the puppy," she said, explaining that luckily the dog stays with the boyfriend so they didn't get in to trouble with their landlord. It's not all roses however: "It's been a huge drain on her resources and I never get to see one of my best friends any more," she continued.

Maybe best to leave pets until you've graduated and are more settled and able to take care of them properly. 

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