Nine reasons to go to university in London

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Discover what students love about going to uni in England's capital

Deciding where to go for university can be a daunting task. Weighing up factors such as learning environment, social opportunities, general atmosphere and living environments make A-levels seem like a breeze.

London, however, offers so many different ways of living that it should be at least considered. Here are 9 reasons why we think you should study in London.

1. There are 40 universities to choose from

Let’s start off with one of the big ones: university choice. London is home to a vast number of universities from the research intensive to more modern institutions, large imposing multi faculties to smaller specialists and conservatoires. No matter what subject you want to pursue, from astrophysics to zoology, you can find it in London and you can find an institution to suit you.

2. There's fantastic access to resources

If you do decide to study in London, there is no end to the resources right at your fingertips. The British Library and the Wellcome are open to all, museums and galleries abound and the opportunities for placement years, internships and grad jobs are endless.

3. The city is vast

While the sheer enormity of London may put people off, it is one of London’s best features. Living in London means you are actually able to choose between many smaller communities to live in. At the furtherest reaches of the tube are Richmond and Kingston, both quiet, calm and green suburbs with parks full of deer.

Further in, each area is markedly different. North London is distinct from South as West is from East. Whether you want to be in the centre of the bustle, as far away as possible or somewhere in between, you can find it in London - and often with a university at your doorstep.

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4. There's an incredibly diverse culture

London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Walking down an average street you will hear a host of different languages, see a plethora of different types of cultural dress, pass restaurants selling food from the world over and see diverse places of worship. Your time in London will make you more knowledgeable, adaptable and worldly and will leave you friends from all walks of life.

5. There's a multitude of markets

Along with rows and rows of high streets packed with high street brands, London also is home to many historic markets which serve as both attractions and retail hotspots. Camden Lock Market is still full and vibrant selling clothing, keepsakes and food; Portabello Road abounds with vintage clothing, antiques and second hand treasures; while you’ll be fed on free samples alone on Borough Market. Pick any of these markets and you’ll find yourself having a fun (and cheap) day trip.

6. It's immensely beautiful

Time and time again, London has been ranked among the most beautiful cities on the planet. Studying in London means paying visits to attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and St Pauls. London parks are also a thing to behold from the peacocks and Japanese Garden in Holland Park, the rose gardens in Regents or the Serpentine in Hyde. Why not take a climb up Primrose Hill at sunset on a clear day to see the whole city in its full glory?  

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7. It doesn't have to be expensive

While London can undoubtedly be expensive, there are many ways to enjoy yourself on the cheap. Most museums and galleries in and around the capital offer free entry. The British Museum, British Library. Wellcome Collection, Tate Modern and Tate Britain, the National Gallery, the Victoria and Albert and many, many more offer free entry to their permanent exhibitions and run the occasional museum late evening. For more money-saving tips, read our insider tips article.

8. There are stacks of student jobs

With all London's cafes, pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, shops, small and big businesses you won’t find it hard to find some part-time employment should you need it. The size and scope in London also allows for internships and placement years with minimal hassle. 

9. There is something for everyone

London is large and sprawling - it is impossible to not find something you like. Bars, pubs and clubs are strewn across the city offering different styles of drink, music and atmosphere. There are board game cafes and cat cafes, Latin American food halls and Michelin star restaurants, busy bustling high streets and quiet tranquil parks.

No matter what your interests are, London will have something to offer.

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