Why living in London could be good for your career

Studying in London can be great for your career opportunities, as law student Christianah Babajide discovered

Is it really better for your career if you work in London? Some students who move to London to study end up asking themselves the following questions: do I face fewer barriers to career success back home or by taking the city-life plunge; will I inevitably suffer from the small-fish big-pond syndrome?

However, for people like me who were born and bred in London, and also study in the city, it is hard to imagine building a professional career anywhere else. 

Many top graduate recruitment agencies are located in London, with the city seen as the home of the nation’s graduate talent. For many of the UK's strongest industries, notably financial services, London is a careers hotspot.

And, with 22% of the UK’s GDP coming from just the one city, it seems that if you want a slice of success, then this is the city in which to do it.

With UK average wages at their highest in London, if it’s a decent salary you’re after coupled with a fast-paced environment that will feed your ambition and drive to climb up the corporate ladder, London could be the way to go.


London is the capital of diverse cultures. London graduates are accustomed to a broad range of people; a more ‘diverse’ social landscape.

Walk down Oxford Street on your way to a lecture and you may hear six different languages in just 10 steps. Diversity is at the heart of the city. 

Living and studying here, you learn about other people’s cultures and beliefs. Broadening your outlook in this way is a something that will come in handy in your future workplace.

Professional growth

London is a major commercial hub; many of the biggest names in business, including magic-circle giants and the ‘Big 4’, are either based here or have a strong presence in the heart of London.

London’s location is a gateway to Europe, which makes it easier to work with different parts of the world. It's somewhere that caters to professional growth. For any aspiring professional (regardless of your chosen field) you have the chance to really progress in your career.

Pool of opportunities

There are more graduate-level jobs in the UK than ever before, with half of all graduate jobs open to applicants from every discipline – no matter whether you studied physics or fine art, there’s a job out there for everyone.

And London is filled with graduate opportunities, with some research suggesting that, of all graduate vacancies at leading UK employers, 83% of them are in London.

To conclude, in the words of Samuel Johnson: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” Therefore, by seeing London, you have seen as much of life as the world can show. So, take that city-life plunge and find the biggest pond you can find (this is where the great opportunities can be found), don’t worry about your relative size because you’ll benefit more and learn much faster. 

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