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Personal Statement - Archaeology and Anthropology 2

Archaeology and Anthropology Personal Statement 2

My interest in Anthropology and Archaeology began fairly recently while watching the BBC series ‘The Incredible Human Journey’. I have always wanted to travel, specifically being interested in finding out about other cultures and histories- an interest that has been passed onto me through my family, due to my mother’s side being very localised to the Isle of Man. This factor has also encouraged me to be more aware of the local area and its history, and I regularly visit the local museums and historical monuments.

In July 2009, I took part in a local archaeology excavation in the gardens of a Victorian/Georgian house, hosted by the University of Liverpool and Centre of Manx Studies. Taking part in this not only allowed me to feel apart of learning about the history of the area first hand, but also proved to me how much hard work and satisfying Archaeology can be. I would also like to look into Forensics as this subject has always interested me, through television shows, however I would like to experience learning about this for myself and believe I have the capable abilities for it.

Within school, I have gained experience as a public speaker through being the representative of my tutor within the School Counsel. I was voted into this every year from year 8 until I left in year 11; this encouraged my confidence and my ability to express my own and my tutor’s ideas. Another factor that built up my confidence was taking part in sports- such as the school Netball and Rounder teams.

For the past year, I have worked for Lloyds’ Pharmacy as a Sales Assistant. This job has enabled me to interact with a variety of people and has taught me how to cope in particularly complicated, under pressure situations. While working here, I have also been encouraged to work to my full ability, training to be a Health Assistant and working in the dispensary, showing me that I enjoy challenging myself and stay focused through learning new things. I also gained a week’s work experience working for the local newspaper. Whilst there, I gained a better awareness for my community and I believe this strongly contributed towards my interest in Anthropology because I want to learn more not only about my own area, but further abroad and further into history.

Since 2004, I have made an effort to get involved in local community activities and charity events. In 2004, two friends and I organised a sponsored 10 mile walk and sponsored silence, raising over £300 for the victims of the Boxing Day Tsunami. Throughout my time at Primary School and High School, I also regularly competed in the Guild, with the school Choir and individually with Public Speaking, which helped build my confidence when performing in front of crowds and working to my full capability. Throughout 2007/08, I regularly volunteered at the local animal shelter as well.

While not in school, I enjoy reading a wide range of genres, particularly historical fiction such as Helen of Troy by Margaret George. Not only do I find these books interesting, but they also help me with my A level Classic Civilisation work when they are set in the period we are studying- allowing me to memorise facts and key words. In previous years I have also taken part in local Christmas pantomimes which has encouraged me to become more sociable.