Personal Statement - Biology 12

Biology Personal Statement 12

Thanks to nurture (and probably something in my own genes) I've grown up fascinated by biology. Living on a smallholding with an array of animals and crops to intrigue me, with science professionals as parents and a biology undergraduate for a sister, it does seem inevitable that I have grown increasingly curious and yearning for knowledge in many areas of science. I have developed a broad scientific understanding, and feel that biology really brings my interests together into one exciting "real-life" science.

Throughout school I found the sciences fascinating and have always enjoyed the challenges maths provides. At college, A Level biology has allowed me to develop and explore new, exciting ideas. It has opened my mind to the complexity of the subject - I am increasingly intrigued by the intricate workings of organisms from the fascinating amoeba to complex mammals, the remarkably effective defences the body develops against pathogens, and many other seemingly miraculous works of nature. I have also discovered that biology poses many questions which inspire me to look further into topics for my own personal interest.

I have found that A Level chemistry has been vital in understanding the molecular aspect of biological processes where chemical reactions determine the outcome. For example, having a depth of knowledge in chemistry has allowed me to quickly grasp complex biological ideas such as the oxidation and reduction of NAD and FAD molecules in the link reaction and the Krebs' Cycle, and how the electron transport system works. Further to this I have found AS Level maths very useful in the statistical elements of biology. It has enabled me to cope well with some of the more complex quantitative aspects of the subject.

I have always held a passion for the English language and the power of words, and taking the subject at A Level has allowed me to explore this further. I have also been able to read music since I could read English. My father's parents were very inspirational to me, showcasing their talents for music and poetry in a CD sold for charity. I continued their tradition and achievements in completing Grade 6 ABRSM on two instruments, and also having my own poem published - "Judenvernichtung" (Holocaust).

At school I took every opportunity to express my talents, performing with the choir and playing the piano and cornet at various events and causes. I represented the school at hockey, basketball, tennis, netball and cross country running, and was in the Mathletes team, winning in 2008 at Sheffield Hallam University. I was on the "Gifted and Talented" register and enjoyed working on films and other projects alongside other able students.

I have a great interest in aviation and the Royal Air Force and have been a cadet in the ATC since I was 15. I have stayed at over 10 RAF bases including Gibraltar, RAF College Cranwell and Brize Norton. Cadets allows me to get involved in many extraordinary and exciting experiences such as gliding, shooting and casualty evacuation training. One of my most incredible experiences was being involved in a pilot training exercise on a C-130 Hercules at RAF Brize Norton. I play the cornet, teach other cadets and write music for our Squadron band and Trent Wing band. I have also been chosen to play for the National Corps band. I also represent my Wing in the hockey and cross country teams. As well as enjoying the social part of cadets, I have gained many qualifications such as; shooting qualifications, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award, St John Ambulance Youth First Aider, swimming qualifications, CVQO BTEC in Public Services and NICAS Level 2 rock climbing award. I often take part in charity and fundraising work for Help for Heroes and my squadron. My experiences as a cadet have improved important time management, independence and leadership skills.

I feel that my motivation and enthusiasm for biology will enable me to thrive and achieve highly throughout university and my future.


Universities Applied to:

  • University of York (Biology) - Offer (AAB) Firm
  • University of Leeds (Medical Sciences) - Offer (ABB)
  • University of Birmingham (Medical Science) - Offer (ABB)
  • University of Keele (Human Biology and Psychology) - Offer (BBC) Insurance
  • University of Durham (Biological Sciences) - Rejection

Grades Achieved:

  • Biology (A2) - A
  • Chemistry (A2) - B
  • English Language (A2) - B
  • General Studies (A2) - A