Personal Statement - Biomedical Chemistry

Biomedical Chemistry Personal Statement

If a fungus can provide the world with penicillin, then surely the possibilities for chemical research are limitless. From war, to food, to water, chemicals are used in everything; they keep us alive and they kill us. One of the fascinations of chemistry for me is, as John Timbrell's book discusses, the "poison paradox".

The fascination and enthusiasm I have for chemistry has also been reinforced by my science teachers (helping me achieve 120/120 in Module 1), particularly with the exciting and rewarding lab work that forms part of my A-level courses. It is with eagerness and anticipation that I am now preparing to embark on the next stage of my scientific career.

During my GCSE year I was chosen to participate in a residential pharmaceutical course run by The Salters' Institute at Bath University. The course opened up the most alluring world of Biology and Chemistry for me and inspired me to pursue these aspects further. One of the tasks undertaken on the course was the creation of paracetamol from its chemical components using contemporary equipment and techniques that were unavailable to me at school at the time. I realised by using these advanced methods that the world of medical chemistry would only become more fulfilling and engaging the further I pursued it academically. The analytical and investigative aspects of the subject are at the forefront of my desire to follow this as far as I can. I have also undertaken work experience in an old person's residential development, which gave me an insight into the problems facing an increasingly aged population, and the possibilities there are for further research into age related illnesses which could potentially increase a person's quality of life for much longer.

For further reading I have a subscription to the 'New Scientist' which I read avidly for the latest in scientific innovations. A recent article that inspired me was a report on current medical advances including the development of spray medication and vaccination patches which negate the use of more invasive and painful procedures. I want to track the future research on this, moving towards further risk and pain free medication.

During my spare time I have taught two Key Stage 2 students in Maths and Science. Both students improved on their grades significantly, one achieving a high level 5 in both subjects. I also contribute to the school's mentoring scheme, mentoring low-achieving year 10 students in Biology. I found these teaching experiences uplifting as the students' enthusiasm for their subjects began to match my own.

In my extra-curricular activities I have represented the school in a variety of sports including badminton, hockey and table tennis. I have played golf to county level and I am an enthusiastic member of my House public speaking team. I am a keen chess player and compete in tournaments. Chess has sharpened my concentration and analytical abilities, while my sporting activities have strengthened my time management and organisational skills. I have been elected by my peers and teachers to the position of senior prefect, a role held by only a few. I have also recently been appointed as House Captain. I have used both of these opportunities to develop my leadership qualities.

As a dedicated scientist I understand that for every question solved, dozens more arise. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to consider some of these questions and to work hard on discovering some of the solutions.


Universities Applied to:

  • Oxford (Biomedical Sciences) - Rejected after Interview
  • Warwick (Biomedical Chemistry/Chemical Biology) - Offer (AAB) - Firm (Now Unconditional)
  • York (Chemistry) - Offer (ABB) - Insurance
  • Bath (Chemistry) - Offer (ABB) - Declined
  • St. Andrews (Chemistry) - Withdrew before decision

Grades Achieved:

  • Maths (A2) - A
  • Chemistry (A2) - A
  • Biology (A2) - A
  • Physics (A2) - A