Personal Statement - German and Business

German and Business Personal Statement

The ability to communicate in a foreign language is something, that over the past several years, I have developed a fervent dedication towards, along with an eagerness to expand and improve my verbal and written skills. I am becoming ever increasingly aware of how vital the abilities of translation and interpretation are, due to international links, in both the world of business and the media: two areas in which enjoy, and I hope to study in further depth.

Due to my interest and desire to experience the culture of Germany, I have participated in two German exchanges. Both visits were to a town in Bavaria, and involved trips to cities in the area, such as Wurzburg and Nuremburg. The opportunity to practise a language with native speakers, even for short amount of time, is one I have grasped with both hands whenever possible. Both exchanges were extremely useful, challenging experiences, which have spurred on my willingness to engage in new concepts, and have proven my ability to adapt to new cultures. I also recently attended a European language conference at a local sixth form, where talented linguists from other schools in the area were invited to a small talk about a certain topic regarding their chosen languages. We were introduced to Marketing by an Austrian university lecturer. It was very interesting, particularly as I enjoy examining the area of Business, and see myself pursuing a career which will involve combining my language skills and my wider interests.

My enjoyments and interests are strongly reflected in my present studies. Through discussions and performances in Theatre Studies and English Literature, I feel that my confidence has grown, and it has helped me build on my knowledge and understanding of both written and spoken word. In Theatre Studies, I studied the German practitioner Brecht, and his principle of the "Verfremdungseffekt", which in my opinion helped revolutionise German theatre. I have seen a performance of 'Mother Courage' in English, written as an attempt to counter the rise of Fascism and Nazism, two themes prominent in modern German history. As well as reading German translations of popular English novels, I have also begun reading German poetry, and find Theodor Storm's realism and melancholy themes particularly thought provoking to read. My confidence and oral skills have grown massively throughout my studies, which has culminated in me being awarded the German prize at my school's annual Celebration of Achievement.

My abilities to communicate and work as a part of a team are shown in my membership of my sixth form's Charity Committee, in which we have organised events for charities such as Cancer Research UK and The Samaritan Trust. This work has left me feeling that I have made a difference in people's lives. However, I am not afraid to take a leadership role in a team; during year 11 I did a week of work experience in a primary school, helping to monitor the class.

I enjoy immersing myself in literature and music, both in English and that of other languages. I also enjoy performing on stage, and was a member of a theatre group for six years. This definitely improved my awareness for others in a group, as well as my self-belief, determination, and my drive to improve, which are some of my most significant traits.

I am a conscientious individual with a great work ethic, and I am looking forward to the demands and experiences of university. Learning a language is a challenge that I enjoy tremendously, and my desire to improve has without doubt been reinforced by my trips to Germany.

Universities Applied to:

  • Durham (MFL - German) - Rejected
  • Warwick (German and Business Studies) - Offer 340 points, incl. B in German and a B in another subject - Firm
  • Lancaster (European Languages and Management) - Offer AAB incl. German and Business Studies
  • Leeds (German Studies) - Offer BBB - Insurance
  • Manchester (Modern Language and Business & Management) - Offer AAB

Grades Achieved:

  • Predicted A Levels: AABB (Business, German, English Lit, Theatre Studies)
  • A-levels: A*BBB.