Artificial intelligence and robotics degree personal statement example (1a) with review and advice


This is a real personal statement written by a student for their university application. It might help you decide what to include in your own. There are lots more examples in our collection of sample personal statements. 


Over the past year; I've changed and developed as a person, becoming even more determined and self-motivated. I've overcome a multitude of challenges, adapted to a new environment and furthered myself both academically and personally. While I may have changed, my utter fascination with computers and technology hasn't.

One of the reasons technology means so much to me is because I've experienced first-hand how it connects the world and the people within it together in profound, empowering and unexpected ways. To me, computers are the physical embodiment of human ingenuity; a ubiquitous force of limitless possibility.

It inspires me that we live in an age where advances in computing have made, and continue to make; so much of what was once thought impossible - mundane. I've never been content being told a system works, "just because". Understanding how and why things work the way they do is what fulfils me; one of the reasons why I want to study Computer Science.

My diverse A-Levels have allowed me to develop valuable skills, both analytical and interpersonal. I've regularly participated in activities such as enterprise events; requiring leadership, teamwork and effective communication, fundamental qualities. Independent learning and time management were particularly important for my A2 ICT coursework in which I created a Java-based backup system for use by an organisation.

This idea was inspired by software I originally wrote in BASH for personal use and my desire to learn Java as I know it's commonly taught at degree level. Not only has this experience given me an opportunity to improve my technical abilities, it's given me a better appreciation for meeting deadlines and of software engineering principles. As far as programming goes, I'm entirely self-taught and have been programming as a hobby for over five years.

Besides Java, I've used AppleScript and the UNIX shell to automate tasks, modified simple open-source programs written in C or Python to fix bugs, add features and improve my knowledge; and more recently dabbled in mobile programming for HP WebOS. I aim to be familiar with as many platforms as possible, mainstream or otherwise. I view CS as an engineering discipline; with a versatile array of tools and a need to select the correct ones to solve the problem in an efficient and elegant way.

My main interests in the field relate to AI, Robotics and Embedded Systems; the synergy between them and the raw potential captivates me. My desire to study AI stems from my enduring interest in Cognitive science and the ethical aspects, as well as my belief that further innovations in intelligent, autonomous systems will change the world.

I have some experience working with LEGO Mindstorms, which has taught me a lot about hardware programming and basic AI techniques. I'm interested in programming for embedded systems because they're everywhere; modern civilisation is made possible by countless unseen microprocessors. On that note; I recently obtained an Arduino, which I hope to do some interesting things with. I'm also interested in retrocomputing; last month I visited Bletchley Park, which provided an intriguing insight into computer history and how far we've come in so short a time. In my spare time; I enjoy creative writing (currently writing a screenplay), reading and have recently become interested in amateur Astronomy.

Last year my brother and I ran a successful short-term computer repair business. My dream would be a career pushing technology beyond perceived limits, particularly in extreme environments such as outer space. This degree will help me achieve that. I believe I am a well-rounded, competent applicant with good knowledge of what the subject entails at degree level. I want to follow in the footsteps of the pioneers who; through their contributions to computing, transformed our lives. After all; "Nothing is impossible, not if you can imagine it. That's what being a scientist is all about".

Universities Applied to:

  • Aberystwyth University (BSc Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) - Offer (BBC) - Firm
  • University of Hertfordshire (BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) - Offer (CDD) - Insurance
  • Lancaster University (BSc Computer Science) - Offer (AAB) - Declined
  • University of Sussex (BSc Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence) - Rejection due to not having a B at GCSE Maths (I got a C)
  • University of Reading (BSc Artificial Intelligence) - Rejection for the same reason

Grades Achieved:

  • English Literature (A2) - A
  • ICT (A2) - A
  • Psychology (A2) - B
  • Economics (AS) - D

Reviewer comment:

  • Opening paragraph grabs the attention of the reader and explains interest well
  • Great section on work experience and project as it goes into detail about the areas of the subject that interest the applicant
  • Extra-curricular section can be split up into another paragraph
  • Paragraphs are too wordy and the space can be better used to refer to more academic things the applicant did to do with computer science
  • Too much content on A-levels, it may be best to discuss other items instead of coursework for a module at school