Computer science degree personal statement example (2l) with review and advice

This is a real personal statement written by a student for their university application. It might help you decide what to include in your own. There are lots more examples in our collection of sample personal statements. 


From as early as I can remember, I have always had a fascination with computers and the way in which they work. Computer science is thus, the natural progression for me as I continue to define the person I want to become in later life. As a person who manages to mix a good working rate with an interesting and diverse social life, I feel that university life is something that would definitely suit me, and be something to which I could contribute

My general enjoyment of computing inspired me to teach myself the programming languages Java, and C++ to a relatively advanced level, and am currently working towards gaining a solid background with Delphi and Pascal. Combined with my studies of Mathematics and Physics, I have been able to support my programming with a solid knowledge of how basic electronics work, and a background of mathematics, which has become integrated into my programming and studying of computers, while reading "Computers Ltd: What they really can't do", by David Harel, allowed me to gain insight into the limits of computing

Having worked with the ICT technician at Mundella Primary School, to set up both wireless and hard-wired networks for over 50 computers, I have gained the chance to see a real life application of ICT within a workplace, confirming my basic career path - to work around an ICT environment

Outside of the school-working environment, I have participated in many extra curricular activities. As a member of the school rugby 1st XV, and pack leader, I have been able to develop my ability to work in a team of people, capable of taking the lead and demonstrating initiative. Alongside this, I have been taking part in my local Tae-Kwon Do club, and have achieved 8th Kup. This has allowed me to develop and mature as a person, adding discipline into my life

Regularly going to my local Gym has also become a part of my life, allowing me to maintain the fitness level required for both the rugby team, and taking part in Tae-Kwon Do competitions, on a competitive level

The LAMDA Drama Bronze Medal in, which I achieved Distinction, allowed me to develop social skills, and the ability to talk in public, as I later entered the "David Starkey Public Speaking Competition", in which I competed against other peers, both writing and reading a speech. Alongside this, I have been working in NEXT, a clothing shop in my local city, in which I have gained social skills, while working in a team.


Reviewer comment:

  • Good section on java but this can be expanded to include why this was interesting for the applicant.
  • Relevant work experience is mentioned which shows a drive for a career after university but this is not expanded on enough.
  • Too much content to do with extra-curriculars
  • Some random capitalisation of words
  • Too much mentioned about skills, these should only be relevant to the course