Personal Statement - Criminology Computing and Computing with Economics

Criminology, Computing, and Computing with E-Commerce Personal Statement

I have a keen interest in growing problem of computer fraud, intelligence systems and all aspects of computing. I am confident that the career path that I decide to follow will definitely be linked to these subjects. My ambition is reflected with the course subjects I am applying for: Criminology, Computing, Computing for Business and E-commerce, which allappeal to me

I am interested in studying Criminology because I am fascinated by topics such as: why/what people commit crime, Drugs and Society, Criminal Psychology and criminal justice. In fact, all aspects of crime interest me greatly. I gain much enjoyment from computing; particularly, I enjoy using different systems and learning to use various methods and programs. I believe you must be versatile and willing to learn in such an ever-changing environment as computing

Last year I gained H Information Systems and enjoyed all areas of the course; particularly, the database systems aspect because I enjoyed designing databases suitable for use by Companies. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the Business Management course that I have taken onboard this year, mainly because I am aware of how closely it is linked to 'real life' aspects such as the marketing unit I am presently studying. Due to my passion for both of these subjects I am particularly attracted to the Bsc (Hons) in Computing for Business and E-commerce

I work extremely well in a team and I have displayed this throughout my education. For my Standard Grade SVS, I was part of a team responsible for organising a local football event for local primary schools, which raised money for my school. Currently, I have joined a group at school to organise refreshments required to cater for 600 people attending the annual S6 Show. I enjoy the challenges this project has brought so far

In March 2000, I took on a work placement at DERA West Freugh, a Ministry Of Defence, Satellite-Receiving Station, which was also used as a Joint-Service Tactical Evaluation and Exercise location. In my reference, the Manager remarked on my willingness to learn, enthusiasm, initiative and my ability to work successfully both independently and as part of a team

My main interest outside school is golf. During my time playing I have won medals and trophies in Junior Competitions. I have also represented my local Clubs in Junior League matches, which allowed me to mix with other individuals around my area. I also enjoy playing badminton with friends and competitively at the after school extra-curricular club. When I get the opportunity, in the summer months, I like to go cycling

I am acutely aware that I will have to work extremely hard to gain a Degree, but I am prepared to do whatever it takes; I work well under pressure. I believe University is a place for accumulating more interests, for meeting people, for working hard and for finding a niche in life. I feel I have the commitment and confidence of giving my best during my university career and afterwards.