Personal Statement - Automotive Engineering 1

Automotive Engineering Personal Statement 1

Studying Engineering at university was an easy choice for me; my favourite subjects at school have always been Maths and Physics and I love finding out how different things work. What excites me about Engineering over pure Maths or Physics is that you can use the science to design and build structures and machines which revolutionise the way we live.

I have always enjoyed building things; from a young age I loved making Airfix models and things out of Meccano such as an electrically operated model of a crane and an RC car. At this age I had no idea what an engineer was, let alone what they did, but I have always thought that I wanted to be involved in vehicles and, although my aim has changed from being a racing driver to a racing engineer, the fundamental idea is still there. Over the past year, I have completed a personal project which involved building a working model of a Stirling Engine which was powered by the heat from a cup of hot water. At first, the cup of hot water did not provide enough heat to force up the displacement piston, but after decreasing the friction on the displacement rod, and also tightening the seals around the cylinder, I managed to get the flywheel to turn.

I am currently undertaking the Extended Project Qualification for which I am building working models of a vehicle gearbox and differential, and then writing an essay on why they are needed and how they have been developed over the years. The project has taught me the importance of planning and keeping to deadlines. Apart from an unspecialised supervisor, the project is entirely self-directed and this has improved my research skills and my ability to be an independent learner. As part of my research I am reading “Hillier’s Fundamentals of Motor Vehicle Technology”- I was impressed by CVT’s in particular and was fascinated to learn how they can control the engine speed to reduce fuel consumption by automatically adapting its gear ratios depending on the driving conditions.

In A-Level Mathematics I was captivated by the mechanics modules and was fascinated to learn about projectiles and forces in a system. I am also very interested in momentum and energy problems and I hope to learn more about the applications of these; for example, applying them to the ways in which crumple zones can be designed so as to minimise injuries.

I am a member of our school Engineering Society, partaking in various lectures and tours. We were given a lecture by Andrew Latham, Lewis Hamilton’s head race engineer at the time who talked about what it is like being an engineer and the challenges that he faces daily which fuelled my interest in Engineering further.

My hobbies include sailing, badminton and rugby. I have been playing rugby at a club for 12 years and currently play for my school 1st XV team. This has helped my teamwork and communication skills which in turn have helped me to become a successful sailor. In 2011 I completed my Day Skipper qualification, which involved theory work, and planning and executing a five day journey. The course has improved my problem solving skills, especially when under time pressure or when the situation changes. During the last year I have helped to lead our school CREST club, which involves teaching year 8 students A-level chemistry experiments and supervising when they are carrying them out. This involves a lot of patience and good communication skills. I have also helped run the Enigma Society, set up for gifted mathematicians in years 7 and 8, as well mentoring a year 8 pupil who was struggling with his maths.

Taking an Engineering degree would give me the skills to pursue my lifetime ambition: to be part of a team, being on the front line of innovation and creating ground breaking machines which will push the boundaries of speed and efficiency.

Universities Applied to:

  • Loughborough (Automotive) - Offer (ABB) Firm
  • Birmingham (Mechanical w/ auto) - Offer (AAB)
  • Sussex (Automotive) - Offer (ABB)
  • Leicester (Mechanical) - Offer (BBB)
  • Oxford Brookes (Automotive) - Offer (BBB) Insurance

Grades Achieved:

  • Maths (A2) - A
  • Physics (A2) - C
  • Further Maths (A2) - C
  • Chemistry (AS) - D
  • Extended Project - A*

Accepted by Loughborough