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Personal Statement - Electrical and Electronic Engineering 4

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Personal Statement 4

Instead of an oil soaked rag on a stick, what now brings light to society is electricity. When I look at my television screen I see around two million pixels, each working together to produce a series of images a split second apart, powered by a blend of electricity sources from Hunterston B to Whitelee. A lecturer in this field once told me that electronics and electrical engineering knowledge has a half-life of around five years - meaning that around five years from now only fifty percent of what we now know will be relevant. This seems especially true when I consider that ten years ago I was mashing away at a Game Boy Colour as if it was a technological wonder of the world. I also find it astonishing how the incandescent light bulb - once a staple in every room of every house - has become obsolete even in a lifetime as short as my own so far. Even more astonishing is how even the compact fluorescent lamp may meet the same fate in years to come as light emitting diodes are developed further. I can see that electricity and electronics is a dynamic and interesting field - it is a field which I would like to become a part of.

In my life at school I have discovered that I have a natural aptitude for Science and Mathematics - especially for problem solving. Over my school career I have achieved two UKMT gold awards for mathematics problem solving and my scores in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry were among the highest in my year at higher level. In addition to this I have achieved extra curricular qualifications in music - including piano at grade seven with merit.

At school I am also a house captain - a role which involves numerous responsibilities, including monitoring younger pupils who are struggling because of bullying or home issues, and also helping pupils who are finding it difficult to cope with homework. Every week we have group meetings to discuss fundraising opportunities and how we can better improve our school and I think that this helps me with the skills required to engage fully in teamwork - an aspect that is a very fundamental part of the university course which I am applying for. I find that I often bring far more down to earth and realistic proposals to the table and this skill I believe is particularly relevant to an engineering degree where keeping to a specific budget or timescale is essential.

When I am not at school or studying my interests are varied. Sailing, running and cycling are among some of my leisure activities. I am an avid gamer and very fast with computers in a varitey of programs. I am also a Fairtrade volunteer for my local church, as it seems to me that just as we need to be more sensible about what our energy sources are, so too must we be more sensible about what kind of products we buy.

Since a very young age I have had an inquisitive mind about how things work, which is why I think that an engineering degree is the correct path for me to follow. What fascinates me is that within this cloud of electronic devices, sensors and computers in which we all live, very few people actually know what really goes on within their plastic skins. By taking an insight into the devices that shape our everyday lives and the further devices that power and even build them, I hope to contribute to this vast industry and help power it into the next generation of human life.


Universities Applied to:

  • University of Dundee (EEE, MEng) - Offer (Unconditional) Declined
  • The University of Edinburgh (EEE, MEng) - Offer (Unconditional) Declined
  • University of Glasgow (EEE, MEng) - Offer (Unconditional) Declined
  • Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh (EEE, MEng) - Offer (Unconditional) Declined
  • The University of Strathclyde (EEE, MEng) - Offer (Unconditional) Firm


Grades Achieved:

  • Biology (Higher) - Grade A
  • Chemistry (Higher) - Grade A
  • English (Higher) - Grade A
  • Mathematics (Higher) - Grade A
  • Physics (Higher) - Grade A