Personal Statement - Publishing with English 1

Publishing with English Personal Statement 1

English as a subject has always fascinated and excited me. The idea that a book; simply containing words, can transport you to another world at the turn of a page, has consistently interested me and has been a concept to which I can relate so much of my life. Many an evening since I was a small child, have been spent engaged in other worlds. These adventures, to name a few, have taken me through Emily Bronte's 1800's wild and windy Yorkshire moors, Heller's World War Two through the eyes of American Airmen and Townsend’s representation of 'Middle England' through the perceptive of a teenage boy. The thought of being able to pursue my favourite subject, and also hobby, to a level far exceeding the often constricting realms of A-Level English Literature is one that fills me with a longing sense of anticipation.

My experience of the A-Level system so far, has given me what I believe to be a useful insight into the workload required to make the move into higher education transiently and effortlessly. The step up from GCSE’s to A-Levels also has given me the confidence to believe I have the ability to succeed at degree level as I have learnt that at A-Level, no-one will make you work, and as such I have obtained a good work ethic from this. A-Level Psychology has been particularly helpful to study as it has helped me to look at books, plays and poetry in a different light from that which I had previously read them. Similarly, it has helped me when making character analysis’ and looking at the reasoning behind the writing of pieces of literature.

Outside of the school environment, I enjoy first and foremost reading books. My favourite genre of literature derives from the postmodernist movement , particularly World War Two inspired novels such as Louis de Bernieres’ ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’ and the autobiographical novels such as JG Ballard’s ‘Empire of the sun’. Another interest of mine is outdoor pursuits such as kayaking and walking. These activities have helped me to improve my teamwork as it important to be able to get along with everyone in a group and handle situations that may arise diplomatically and concisely.

I currently have had my part-time job as a cashier in a local supermarket for the past year which, as well as providing a small income, has taught me the importance of having good time management skills. It has also has made me become a more responsible person, as I regularly have to handle large sums of money and be trusted implicitly with them. I also carried out some unpaid work experience in an infants school for two weeks, which I found to be very rewarding and helped me to mature as a person . I was required to help teach small groups of young children how to read and spell which I found to be an extremely enjoyable experience although I found it to be challenging. Similarly I helped to host a group of young teenagers with disabilities from a special needs school in Burnley, which involved a lot of planning and organisational skills. I found working with the children a very life changing experience which helped me discover more about myself and helped me to grow as a person and as an individual. The children that I worked with taught me that even in the face of adversity anything is possible if you want it badly enough and are willing to work hard for it.

I believe that if I am accepted to study English, I will bring an enthusiasm and passion for the subject and I also intend to play a valuable role in campus life, involving myself in all aspects of the university that I have so far not participated in during my school career. After successful completion of my degree, I hope to pursue a career in the publishing industry, as this is an area I find very interesting. I also intend to take a year out after my course finishes to undertake some voluntary work in developing countries in order to give something back to people who need it most.

Universities Applied to:

  • Oxford Brookes - English and Publishing Media
  • Lancaster - English Lit
  • Loughborogh - Publishing with English - Offer
  • Stirling - English Studies
  • Chester - English with Geography