Personal Statement - Event Management 004

Events Management Personal Statement

In the last few years I have noticed the crucial importance of events being organized at an excellent level in today’s world, so this has stimulated my wish to study this field at higher education level. Everyone wants their wedding to be the best among their friends, concerts should be organized excellently or better, and more and more people are interested in conferences and workshops. As I was wondering how many people would attend the events I made, I remembered something I had learned in Philosophy class – that “man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human.” (Aristotle) I have studied at one of the best High Schools in Bucharest, specializing in Mathematics and Computing, with intensive English. I was lucky to have a group project about music at the Romanian class, thus having the opportunity to both talk about my favourite subject and also playing the keyboards in front of my classmates, this way showing them how pre-classical music sounds like. It was the best project in class. I believe that our success is based upon being always ready to cooperate, listen and understand the others’ points of view, as well as giving each other an honest opinion and helping everyone as much as possible. Having studied diverse subjects, from Economics to Psychology, I have a basic view upon people, what drives them to go to events, how important social life is for one and what proportion of their finances is intended for social gatherings. But I wish to further my crude knowledge and study events in detail. I have also written articles about temporary exhibitions around the city in the school newspaper. I see myself as hard-working, outgoing, optimistic, enthusiastic and creative. I enjoy socialising with my friends, organizing themed parties at my house as often as possible. One of my main hobbies is photography, especially concert photography. I have been a concert photographer for a Romanian band since October 2010. Since then I have photographed several other local bands, as well as foreign bands, such as The Animals. I once went to a Scorpions concert. This being my favourite band and also going with my cousin, we decided to go to the venue as early as possible. It was the worst storm of the year, but we decided to go at noon. Being the only ones there, I was able to see all the preparations – how they were adding the finishing touches to the stage, how they stocked the shops, how they checked the sound system. At that moment, I realized that I would like to organize events for the rest of my life. But I knew next to nothing about this industry. Surely, I had attended more concerts, weddings and conferences/workshops than I could count, but it did not mean that I possessed the knowledge I needed. I tried to find internships at events companies, but no one was hiring. Luck had struck me when, after sending countless mails to many concert organizers, one of them answered me. I became a volunteer on the 1st of October 2011, starting with an In Flames concert. I started with ripping tickets at the door and slowly evolved towards more complex things: dealing with the artists’ merchandise, dealing with the company’s social network page and managing the list of press, invitations and contest winners. This has given me invaluable communication and writing skills. I have gained excellent time management and organizing skills, as I have strict deadlines and sometimes help organize events three days in a row. Sleep is hard to come by during such moments, but I see my work here more as a hobby than a job, and, even as a volunteer, I enjoy it greatly. I would like to do an Event Management course at your University as it would equip me with further knowledge about this industry. I would like to be able to have an events company here back home, as I feel there is a need for real professionals to guide the ones without an academic degree and true knowledge.