5 ways The Student Room can help you with your personal statement


1. Plan your application strategy

Year two of your college-level studies, you’ll be busy beavering away setting yourself up for a productive year to ensure you get the best exam grades possible. How on earth then are you going to have time to research your options for university, attend open days, and think creatively about the content for your personal statement and then after all that, write it?

Plan your time by using our free Study Planner to map out time for study, university application research, travelling and time spent at university open days and finally hours where you can relax and enjoy some down time. 

Staying focused and mapping out your time will help you to be more effective and enable you to remain calm and composed throughout this busy time. Taking regular breaks and making the time to have fun will also nurture that creative brain. Ensuring you’re in excellent shape for when it comes to composing your personal statement. 

2. Applying to university

Be sure to check out our “Applying to Uni” hub page where you’ll find a selection of our best resources written by the TSR community. These will smoothly guide you through the uni application process from start to finish. 

Our favourites include “10 steps to making a uni application”“How to avoid getting 5 rejections”“Choosing a uni subject” and “Writing your personal statement”. And don't forget to check out our uni guides too! 

3. Post your application questions in our dedicated UCAS and Applications forum

Help others whilst you seek help and guidance yourself from our supportive community by posting a question in the UCAS forum. Have a question about your university choices, what you need to declare on your application, the type of degree course that you think might be best for you? Our community (student, teachers, admissions experts, lecturers, parents) have a great deal of expertise and are ready to share their advice with you. 

4. Personal statement advice forum

This year we have launched our new personal statement advice forum which is supported by our super team of personal statement advisors who have experience of supporting students over many years with a wide range of subject specific focused personal statements. Here you can ask questions specific to your personal statement where it’s relating to the subject you’d like to study, the formatting, the use of quotes, reapplying and using parts from your old personal statement, and of course “how do I start my personal statement”. 

UCAS are hot on plagiarism so please don’t post specific parts of your personal statement draft on any part of the forum. Please be extremely weary of sharing any content via personal messaging too, you never can be really sure of who you are giving access to your content.

5. Help with your personal statement

You know where you’d like to apply to, you’ve made your subject choice, you’ve asked all of your questions and now, feeling prepared, and you’re ready to start writing.

We've just launched our personal statement builder which has been designed in line with UCAS guidelines and with the expertise of our PS Helper team. 

As you’ll know you have 47 lines or 4000 characters to make a lasting impression on your university of choice, our builder is designed to give you the best chance of doing that by guiding you methodically through each step.

We hope you find this information helpful and best of luck with your university applications!