Mathematics degree personal statement example (1w) Manchester offer

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For mathematical proof is at the heart of mathematics itself and without it we would face wave after wave of contradiction, facing an endless spiral of arguments as to the validity of each proposition. Still, it is the fact that proof provides a means to make new discoveries, new developments or new connections, such as the relationship forged between elliptic curves and number theory through Wile's proof of Fermat's Last Theorem (Taming the Infinite, Ian Stewart, 2008), which make it so important.

To know that your contributions will be forever etched into the fabric of mathematics is something that cannot be understated. Unlike a dispute or argument which seeks a means to an end, mathematical proof seeks to move forward. The proof also provides a rigorous axiomatic justification as to why results work the way they do.

It's because of my need to understand why mathematics is the way it is that I attended the 'Making Maths at Manchester' Conference in July 2009. This gave me the opportunity to discover things such as Haga's Theorem through mathematical investigation. I did this whilst working alongside fellow mathematicians from schools and colleges across the UK in a university environment. This helped confirm my ambition to study mathematics at degree level.

I have read a variety of mathematical books, including the aforementioned 'Taming the Infinite'. This also includes 'Letters to a Young Mathematician', '50 Mathematical Ideas You Really Need To Know' and 'Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions'. I have a strong preference for '50 Mathematical Ideas You Really Need To Know' because it really opened my eyes to what mathematics has to offer.

At school I was involved in the running of the Shortigraph, the school newspaper, when I was in year 11. This involved many different skills during my time as Editor in Chief. My leadership skills were significantly improved as I ensured everyone knew what they were doing. Perseverance helped me secure the success of the newspaper. My ability to work in a team made sure Shortigraph activities were well coordinated.

One of my current interests is the Liverpool School Parliament. It is a large group of students who come together to discuss issues that affect young people. This role requires me to manage my time effectively and communicate clearly, in order to juggle my school work and represent the interests of young people. I attend various Liverpool School Parliament events outside school hours as well as pursuing other interests such as reading, gaming, computing, watching films, making music videos and socialising. One of the reasons why I wish to go to university is to expand these interests and gain a greater sense of independence in doing so.

I feel university life will give me the opportunity to fully explore many of the ideas I have only touched the surface of. Topics such as probability, series, calculus and complex numbers have been introduced to me through my A-level studies and books that I have read. Developing these areas, combined with the challenging, interesting and rewarding qualities that investigative mathematics possesses, will make it an experience to look forward to.

Thank you for considering my application.

Universities Applied to:

  • University of Manchester (G100) - Firm - AAB
  • Lancaster University (G100) - Insurance - ABB
  • Imperial College of London (G100) - Declined - AAA
  • University of Liverpool (G100) - Declined - ABB

Grades Achieved:

  • Mathematics (A2) - A*
  • Further Mathematics (A2) - A
  • Applied Business (A2) - A*
  • Applied ICT (AS) - A

Student's comments

I feel my personal statement demonstrates that you can write an effective personal statement without sounding ridiculous. This personal statement was written in 2009 and I was accepted by all the universities I applied to, so I hope it provides a realistic picture of the kind of thing you guys should be writing.