Personal Statement:Mathematics 35

Whether manipulating systems of equations or exploring correlation between variables, mathematics gives me a powerful sense of being able to quantify the unknown.

My interest was sparked when I achieved the 'School Science Prize 2006' at Daresbury Laboratory; I found it exciting that fields such as materials science can benefit from the maths behind particle accelerators. Having organised a week of work experience there in computing, I had become intrigued by this special branch of maths. Applying such understanding, a second week in robotics enhanced my knowledge of electricity and physics. I then went on to gain programming experience at Cambridge's computer science Sutton Trust Summer School, where our team used 'Roboc' effectively to simulate a tilting pinball game.

Spurred on by my Extended Project on basic calculus of variations, I committed myself to a four-week paired 'Nuffield bursary' at Liverpool University. We began by exploring cycloidal curves of minimum time and the mechanics of the hyperbolic catenary. Inspired by a lecturer in mathematical biology, I then set out on an ongoing journey into statistics. Investigating disease statics, I started with an SIR model, introduced stochasticism and built a program simulating swine flu epidemics, referring mainly to Anderson and May's 'Infectious Diseases of Humans'. Using LaTeX was rewarding, given its logical presentation and structure. Having investigated Gompertz functions, I found it curious that the exponential function arises throughout mathematical and biological modelling.

As a stalwart of Liverpool University's informal, lecture-based Maths Club, I have arranged to deliver my Nuffield project to its wide-ranging audience. Having the courage to seek the support of older members in Mensa's Special Interest Groups for maths and 'Wissenschaft' for sciences, I have an increasing insight into the academic community. Mirroring university life, I have built an effective framework for eighteen A-level maths units which combines lessons with independent study and research.

For over three years, I have worked with Dr. Ian Porteous, presenting the FunMaths Roadshow throughout the North West. Delivering in English, French and Spanish, I have adapted to addressing students from primary school to sixth form age. Showing my sense of responsibility, I recently represented the association at a teachers' conference at York University. Stemming from Roadshow activities, game theory interests me - particularly how board size and the winner are associated variables in Conway's Valhalla. In the game of chess, I became the British Land 'U16 Supremo' for Cheshire and North Wales in 2008, and have since used interactive skills to help to develop the school chess club.

Time-managing effectively, I recently gained the 'v50' Award for leading the community pantomime band and running weekly Latin lessons. Holding the Junior Sports Leaders' Award, I am interested in the development of others. The Duke of Edinburgh's Award being integral to my life, I believe that I can now reach gold through my teamwork skills and careful organisation. In order to be able to communicate with the wider world, I have kept up French and Spanish beyond GCSE, and continue to teach myself Latin, profiting from its history, literature and logical grammar. Able to communicate with a variety of people, I have worked for three weeks at the 'Warrington Association for Special Children' and have recently volunteered for St. Rocco's Hospice. After achieving a distinction in grade 6 piano, I moved on to music theory and now study for a level 4 diploma. Applying these skills, I play the organ for the parish community and sing bass in the school choir.

Always willing to learn, I offer self-motivation, discipline, and humility. Organised enough to enjoy a busy life, I have the initiative to strive for academic excellence. I aspire to study at a brilliant university, and am greatly optimistic for my mathematical future.

Universities Applied to:

  • University of Oxford, Magdalene College (MMath Mathematics with Computer Science) - Rejection
  • Durham University (MSci Natural Sciences) - Rejection
  • Newcastle University (MMathStat Mathematics with Statistics) - Offer
  • University of Warwick (MMORSE Maths, Operational Research, Statistics and Economics) - Offer
  • University of Exeter (MMath Mathematics) - rejection

Grades Achieved:

  • Unknown


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