Personal Statement:Mathematics with Finance 1

What initially attracted me to pursue a career in Mathematics is its beauty and ingenuity but most importantly its application in daily financial and economic situations. My passion and enthusiasm for the subject emerged at a very early age. However my interest built up gradually; I have now chosen to take AS further maths to further nurture my skills as it has allowed me to apply maths in a more logical way. Studying physics has allowed me to implement my mathematical skills, for example using regression and pmcc in the analysis of experiments and graph work.

I recently read the book 'Fermat's Last Theorem' by Simon Singh, which I found really interesting. What really fascinated me was how Fermat altered the Pythagoras theorem by changing the powers from 2 to 3 and made an equation from one with an infinite number of solutions to one with no whole number solutions at all. What caught my eye was Pythagoras's numerical perfection; numbers whose sum of divisors equals the same number for example 6, 28 and Euclid's proof by contradiction that root 2 is irrational which I found intriguing.

Further Reading of "Essential mathematics for Economics and Business" by Bradley & Patton, although rather complex, still has added to my knowledge and shown me how mathematical techniques are used to derive relationships. What really amazes me is how economics is affected by calculus such as inflation being the rate of change of price and rate of change of inflation being the second derivative. I also find it interesting how simultaneous equations come into use to derive equilibrium level of national income or calculate consumer and product surplus; and differentiation, which I thoroughly enjoyed during my AS, used in economic applications of maximum-minimum as well as probability theories which come in risk assessment in insurance companies. All of these are areas I am eager to study further in greater depth at university.

By assisting young children learn basic mathematics at a tuition centre and mentoring year 10 students, my desire for the subject has grown further and I believe this has reinforced my own knowledge. Trying different concepts to help them learn and knowing you have imprinted your explanation in their minds is rewarding. Although due to unfortunate circumstances I was only able to complete my GCSE in one year, I achieved well overall and attained the highest grade in maths and received an 'excellence in maths' award from my high school, which reflects my hard working nature, fulfilling tasks before deadlines and being able to tackle any challenges ahead in future. I'm also going to take the AEA paper next year. Aside studies, I play guitar and participate in a wide range of sports. Aspiring to become a leader, I captain ********* cricket club II and help youth get better at the game. This has improved my management skills which I feel has equipped me for my future life. To keep a record of cricket matches, many stats come into play such as every player's performance i.e. runs, averages, strike rates etc. which I calculate and upload onto the regional cricket website that I have been doing for the previous two summer seasons. Having volunteered at a local hospice for 3 weeks, two weeks of work experience at NHS health care and my ability to speak 2 other Asian languages, Urdu and Pashto, have developed my communication and social skills which I believe are vital today.

I am really looking forward to the challenge of University life where I can be independent as well as working in teams, and will relish the opportunity to strengthen my academic knowledge in a challenging intellectual environment. I truly believe that my experiences and academic record, along with my commitment, determination and hunger for success will help me thrive at university and equip me with the skills needed to go on to do a masters in mathematical finance or economics.


Universities Applied to:

  • University of Leeds (Bsc Mathematics with Finance) - Offer (AAB) Firm
  • University Lancaster (Bsc Financial Mathematics) - Offer (ABB) Insurance
  • University of Sheffield (Bsc Financial Mathematics) - Offer (AAB)
  • University of Exeter (Bsc Mathematics with finance) - Offer (AAA)
  • University Warwick (MORSE) - Offer (AAB + AEA Merit)


Grades Achieved:

  • Mathematics (A2) - A
  • Chemistry (A2) - A
  • Physics (A2) - B
  • Biology (AS) - A
  • Further Maths (AS) - A


General Comments:

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