Media and Communications Personal Statement

Media and Communications Personal Statement

I was once told that the key to get into the creative industry is to prove that I have a well-rounded knowledge to be able to handle any brief that is thrown at me. A successful creative director had advised me that and I found those words replaying in my head over and over again. I have always been told, ever since I was seven, that I am creative and now I want to put that creativeness to use.

Art, design and computing have always been my favourite subjects; they change, improve, renew and inspire. Taking Fashion in my first year of college helped me to develop my skills in clothes design and production, life drawing, fashion illustrating and modeling. I thoroughly enjoyed it but I felt like I had more to offer so I moved to a BTEC in IT the next year. There, I was taught basic animation, games design, computer networks, business and web design.

Having realised that the industry jobs are highly sought after and very competitive, I started doing voluntary jobs to put myself out there in the industry. I volunteered at Wick Information Centre where I was assigned as a Designer. I was also approached by a couple of overseas companies to create their website along with some graphic design work. Working with them has taught me how to overcome communication barriers, the importance of teamwork and that to be able to stand out in your chosen career path, you must be able to do multiple things as well as to demonstrate that you can master some. To advertise myself, I created an online portfolio, which can be found at [1].

But my hunger for learning more doesn't just stop there. I love Photography and capturing moments that you can never recapture, the sides of people that they are not aware of, the natural beauty of landscapes, nature itself and the fascinating architecture of some cultures. Capturing images give me the satisfaction of being creative and it allows me to express how I feel visually.

Being a part of the audience on 'Britain's Unzipped', a program on BBC TV, I found myself curious about what goes on behind the scenes and how the media affects and influences us. It is encompassing and powerful. A few months back, I took part in a friend's filming project as an actress and learnt a few things about filming such as camera angling, clip editing and having never-ending patience and passion, which sparked my interest in Media more. The subject is ever-changing and I want to take part in that change.

This year has brought me a lot of surprises, both good and bad, and despite choosing an unsuitable foundation course, I have learnt a great deal of lessons about life and what I am really passionate about. My hobbies include occasional trips to museums, such as the Saatchi Gallery and Tate Modern for art exhibitions, blogging about my trips both abroad and locally, writing restaurant reviews, going to new places and discovering more about the different architectural styles of various buildings and cultures, photo editing, educating myself on graphic design and website programming, and travelling, which has taught me so much about different cultures and has opened my eyes to the world.

Going to university will undoubtedly expand my skills and knowledge further and push me to strive for the best. I will bring my creativity and drive to the learning environment and I hope to leave with a strong portfolio and great, new experiences that will help me to reach my dreams.

Universities applied to:

  • Goldsmiths University of London - Unconditional
  • University of the Arts London - Conditional
  • University of East London - Unsuccessful
  • University for the Creative Arts - Conditional