Personal Statement:Multimedia Design 1


Multimedia Design Personal Statement

After my work experience at Blitz The Net, a web site design company, I found I had a great interest in web site design and multimedia design. I started to enjoy going to work and not seeing it as a chore

It seemed only natural to choose a degree which interested me. After I completed my own website I realized that web design is the occupation I would like to follow on successful completion of my degree

My work experience taught me a lot about the computer industry especially the processes that are involved in designing and implementing a web site. I also worked as part of the full-time design team and produced work that was used in a final product of a brief from a client

Working part-time on a Saturday in a jewellery shop has taught me many skills. These include teamwork, people skills and patience. I have to deal with the public in my job so it has taught me to be patient and calm in hostile situations. I also have to meet targets and deadlines in my work. These new skills will prove very valuable for my time at university

In school I have received many Headmaster Commendations and high attendance rewards. I have also received a Head of Department Award for graphic design. I have participated in the school's sponsored walk, which raised money for a local disabled charity. I found this very enjoyable and it was helping people as well

Outside of school I enjoy reading non-fiction books, especially those based on true stories. I prefer to read computing magazines as I like to keep up to date with new technology. I also enjoy listening to music especially rap and hip-hop

My real love is computers and the Internet. I enjoy working and playing on computers. I like to keep informed about what is happening in the computer industry and the game industry

I also enjoy traveling the world and seeing the mix of cultures. I enjoy experiencing different ways of life and trying not to be a tourist. By this I mean I like to try to speak the local language and observe their traditions. I think this gives me a better experience of the countries I visit and it also broadens my mnd to different environments and paces of life

The major sport I enjoy is skiing. I have represented Tower Hamlets borough in the London youth games at skiing, which was a valuable team-building exercise. We missed the semi-final by only one point

Although we didn't win the experience was brilliant. Golf and Fishing are two sports that I have started to participate in since they help me to relax. I also workout at the gym and enjoy jogging around my local park with my father. Although I play rarely, I also enjoy playing football. Playing these sports has taught me to persevere with things even if I find them hard to do as well as giving me the drive to do things

My work experience in industry makes me feel that I am suited to a web design/ multimedia design degree. I feel I can cope with the workload of university, living away from home and being able to discipline myself. I am also ready for the challenge of a life-changing experience like living in a different region, meeting new people and reaching my aim of a career in web/multimedia design.