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Medicine Personal Statement

My home on the Island of (?) is served by a small cottage hospital and GP surgeries. My mother, a public health nurse, can remember a time when a large area was covered by one GP and one district nurse. I have always been aware that in an island setting medical services are crucial and as I grew older the more I learned, the more I wanted a career in the medical field. Working as a doctor gives a person a direct say in diagnosis and treatment and I am determined to make this my goal.

I recently achieved a place on the UNIQ Oxford Summer School for Chemistry. This allowed me to learn more about some of my favourite chemistry topics, and gave an introduction to many of the subjects covered in my Advanced Higher course. I am taking the Scottish Baccalaureate of Science and to further my interest in medicine I am doing an Open University YASS course in “Human Genetics and Health Issues”.

Since my third year in school I have actively pursued medical related work experience. Spending a week with nurses in the local hospital taught me the importance of patience, understanding and empathy when dealing with patients and how even a conversation over a cup of tea can make someone feel better. Shadowing a GP in (?) Surgery allowed me to understand the relationship built between a patient and their doctor and I have had opportunities to discuss how this affects the treatment of the patient. I also spent time at (?)Surgery, whose GP’s provide medical cover to the local hospital. This taught me about the necessity of good communication and teamwork to ensure the successful running of a very busy surgery. Arranging work experience with a Consultant General Surgeon allowed me to compare a city hospital to a rural practice. I spent time on the ward, observed at outpatient clinics for general and colorectal conditions and I was fortunate enough to attend theatre a number of times during the week. Besides highlighting to me the importance of cooperation between different specialists and medical staff the experience raised my awareness of the difference modern techniques make on a patient’s post-operative recovery.

Outwith School I have had a range of experiences which have helped me to develop my communication and confidence. In 2011, I was selected to perform in a Gaelic youth band that was to perform at the Hebridean Celtic Festival. This included singing in a group and playing the fiddle and mandolin. It involved much dedication, planning and hard work but good teamwork made a huge difference to the final performance.

In the role of a Youth Ambassador for the Children’s Parliament I had to create and organise a workshop on the theme of Health and Happiness and to then deliver it to school children. As well as this I helped to arrange a “Festival of Rights” which involved devising workshops and presenting them to the general public. This allowed me to develop my interpersonal skills. As I live on a rural island I have always been aware of the importance of the environment. This is what motivated me to achieve a John Muir Discovery award.

As a committed member of the Uist Youth Theatre I have been involved in many productions and I am therefore comfortable and confident speaking in front of audiences. This year I have been given the lead role in our annual pantomime. I am also a member of the school choir. My part time job in a cafe helped me to raise over one thousand pounds to fund my “World Challenge Expedition” to Morocco, where I improved my team work skills and demonstrated my leadership capabilities as elected group leader for the final part of the project of refurbishing a local primary school.

I always aim for academic excellence and enjoy the research and study required. I feel my experiences and achievements have prepared me for the challenges of studying medicine.


Universities Applied to:

University of Edinburgh (MBChB) - Offer (unconditional) - Firm University of Saint Andrews (MBChB) - Offer (unconditional) - Insurance University of Dundee (MBChB) -Rejection (Post interview) University of Aberdeen (MBChB) - Rejection (Post interview) University of Glasgow(Anatomy) - Offer


Grades Achieved:

Biology (AH) - A Chemistry (AH) - A

English (H) - A Maths (H) -A Physics (H) - A Chemistry (H) - A Biology (H) - A Modern Studies (H) - A Mental Health Care (H) - A


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