Personal Statement:Medicine 102


Medicine Personal Statement

My decision to pursue medicine has not arisen from an epiphany or childhood dream, but is one I have come to after careful consideration. My interest stems from the science behind the biological processes in human bodies and I have relished the chance to explore them further in my AS Levels, from carcinogenic free radicals in Chemistry, to the impact of diet on cardiovascular disease in Biology. I have also striven to develop my understanding beyond the curriculum, such as by reading articles in 'The Lancet' on the obesity epidemic. The opportunity that medicine provides to combine a caring nature with scientific interest drives me to pursue this career.

To experience the challenges of a medical career, I arranged placements in a paediatric department, a Child Development Clinic and a health trainer programme. Through multidisciplinary team meetings, I learnt the importance of teamwork, as well as the shared responsibilities of various healthcare professionals in the management of children. Whilst shadowing both a hospital doctor and a GP, the need for a compassionate, composed demeanour was constantly apparent. This was highlighted during neonatal examinations for cataracts and jaundice as, despite time constraints, doctors took care to placate worried parents before moving on.

In July, I was one of 30 to win a place on the Oxford summer school for Chemistry. This experience helped me to develop the independent thinking skills and initiative necessary for academic study. Here, I explored medical ideas by applying my knowledge to new concepts, for example looking at the chemistry behind chirality and how in drugs, chiral compounds can harm the body. This motivated me to research this area, most recently through a Big Picture magazine on drug development, which gave a refreshingly balanced view of pharmaceuticals. My experience also encouraged me towards self-directed learning and I subsequently began AS level Biology at home.

Working with the elderly since the age of 11 at a local charity has taught me the value of caring. My most demanding, yet satisfying project, involved interviewing older people for a radio show I produced. Here, my communication skills were key, as was my patience in the more difficult interviews. Since January, I have applied these skills at a weekly day centre for the elderly. This extended work with those with chronic illness has exposed me to the challenges of medicine, by highlighting the reality that medicine cannot always cure, which is emotionally challenging. Nonetheless, my satisfaction in seeing those who recover outweighs this and fuels my desire to study medicine.

Through my enjoyment of travel, I have interacted with diverse cultures, particularly when marshalling 100 teenagers at a week-long Jamaican Independence Day Gala. In Ghana, I also helped children to read while learning their dance forms. These experiences required me to relate with a variety of people and emphasized that communication is a two way process. My time in these countries also exposed the inequalities of medical provision, as in Ghana many suffered from polio, a disease uncommon in England. As a result, I am now an avid visitor of BBC Health, where reading about medical progress reinforced my desire to be a part of these developments through medical study. I also play tennis competitively and attend an orchestra as a clarinettist on a scholarship, where my time management skills are vital for my work-life balance. As a Senior Prefect, I enjoy my roles mentoring younger girls and organising school charity events, which have been invaluable in developing my leadership skills.

The diverse nature of medicine, my desire to help others and the prospect of continuous scientific learning have inspired me to pursue this career. I am under no illusion that medicine is easy, but the skills I have acquired, combined with my academic ability and determination, lead me to believe that I can succeed in this, my chosen field.


Universities Applied to:

  • Oxford (Medicine) - Offer (AAA) Firm
  • King's (Medicine) - Offer (AAAb) Insurance
  • Birmingham (Medicine) - Withdrawn from interview
  • Imperial College (Medicine) - Withdrawn from interview



Grades Achieved:

  • English Lit (A2) - A
  • Chemistry (A2) - A*
  • Maths (A2) - A*
  • Biology (AS) - a
  • History (AS) - a


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This is very impressive, I wish I knew who wrote this.

It's brilliant. o.O

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