Personal Statement:Medicine 108

Medicine Personal Statement

My interest in medicine began when my family and I had to look after my Grandfather who suffered Alzheimer’s disease. I developed a respect for the human mind and body, and realised the importance of medicine. This, along with my enthusiasm for working with people and a great love of science, has inspired me to pursue a career in medicine.

I have gained a wide range of experiences within medicine. Working at a GP surgery gave me an insight into the patient’s first contact with the health service in many cases. Spending a week shadowing an orthopaedic surgeon gave me a view of the role of a surgeon, and illustrated to me the reality of working inside a hospital. I also gained experience of post-operative care with physiotherapy. I learned the importance of communication; interacting with patients and catering to their individual needs in order to aid recovery. Most importantly I saw the teamwork required by all types of medical staff involved in patient care.

Other hospital work experience includes working with a Retinal Screening Unit and a Diabetes Clinic. During this placement I learnt about many effects that occur as a result of long-term disease and was enthused by the patient’s eagerness to maintain their standard of living despite difficulties stemming from illness. I am also a member of the local Patients Association; which has allowed me to aid in the future development of my local GP practice. Furthermore I have attended the Medlink conference during which I had the opportunity to listen to doctors’ talk about different aspects of the medical profession. Seeing their commitment to their specialities only served to encourage me further to follow a career in medicine. The conference also gave me the opportunity to write a research project that will be published on the website. I looked at the potential of nanomedicine as a treatment to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. I found this topic highly fascinating, and discovered a passion for research. Subsequently I have started reading the student BMJ to discover interesting updates in the medical world.

My chosen A-level subjects reflect my love of science and literature, but also my ability to manage time effectively and work towards the highest standard. Perspectives on Science gave me an opportunity to study the philosophy, history and ethics of a medicine specific theme and I chose to research stem cells. I gained an enthusiasm for self-study as the course required independent research of the topic. Biology and chemistry have both helped me to improve analytical skills, whilst English Literature has made clear the importance of detailed analysis whilst understanding a wider topic. Psychology has highlighted how an understanding of a person’s state of mind can affect their actions and behaviours.

I am a participant of the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, and as quite an explorer I have spent a month in Chile on a Worldchallenge expedition, during which I served as the team’s medical officer. Each of these endeavours have built upon my ability to work within a team, both leading and following instructions, which are equally vital aspects for a team to function well. For the past two years I have volunteered at the local soup kitchen. I developed an understanding of the problems different people have to deal with daily, and have developed my communication skills within an environment outside of school. In turn this has raised my self confidence and the knowledge that I make a small difference in the lives of the homeless that attend is very gratifying.

I enjoy playing the piano and have achieved grade 5 and aim to continue developing this skill for both personal enjoyment and performing in front of others. I also enjoy playing regular badminton matches with my friends.

I am determined to become a doctor, and I am well aware of the workload, commitment and demands that come with this career. Work experience and the voluntary work that I do have only served to encourage me.


Universities Applied to:

  • Keele University - Offer (AAB) Firm,
  • Manchester - Interviewed but rejected (Change in criteria for acceptance),
  • Leeds - Rejected (Not rounded enough individual),
  • Cardiff - Rejected (GCSEs too low)



Grades Achieved:

  • Chemistry A2 - A,
  • Biology A2 - A,
  • Psychology A2 - A,
  • History, Philosophy and Ethics of Science AS - A,
  • General Studies AS - A,
  • English Literature AS - B



My statement went through about 30 odd proof-readings. One thing that I discovered was that it's important to do is always justify why you're putting something in your statement. I tried to do that but I'm not sure I did it particularly well, however I am now coming up to my final year so clearly there was something right! I have put the reasons for rejection alongside the universities I got rejected from (I contacted each of them to actually find out why I had been rejected) so you can see, the universities are fickle and chances are they do just use set criteria to chuck out a load of personal statements (or just have a pile and put half in the bin, although don't quote me on that!) I hope this helps someone.


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