Medicine Personal Statements Quality Rating Process



Please remember you can see the criteria for each of the three categories here.

Tips on how to use the table

If a statement is irrelevant (i.e. wrong subject) = N/A

If it is ridiculously long = Red

Statement is a duplicate of another = * / ** / etc.

If you change your mind on a rating, don't delete it. Stike it through with the <strike></strike> tags and add the correction next to it.



All reviews are done by members of the TSR Personal Statement Help Team who have significant experience in spotting common errors and mistakes in medicine personal statements. Although their judgements on personal statements are usually pretty spot-on, please be aware that rating personal statements is a very, very subjective business and our rating on a statement may not necessarily be the same rating an admissions tutor at a particular university would give. Please take the ratings as more an indicator of the quality of the personal statement, rather than an absolute declaration. If you are the original author of any of these personal statements and no longer wish it to be listed within this bank to help other applicants, please contact either Hygeia, Beska or Penguinsaysquack who will remove it for you immediately

Table of Ratings

Statement #HygeiaBeskaPenguinsaysquackGHxXxBaby-BooxXx

Medicine 1YellowYellowYellowYellowYELLOW Done - Beska

Medicine 2RedRedRedRedRED Done - Beska

Medicine 3RedRedRedRedRED Done - Beska

Medicine 4RedYellowRedRedREDDone - Beska

Medicine 5YellowYellowYellowYellowYELLOWDone - Beska

Medicine 6RedYellowRedRedRedRED Done - Beska

Medicine 7YellowYellowYellow/RedYellowYELLOW Done - Beska


Medicine 9RedGreen RedRedRedREDDone - Beska

Medicine 10YellowYellowYellowYellowYELLOW Done - Beska

Medicine 11RedRedRedRED Done - xXxBaby-BooxXx

Medicine 12RedRedRedRedRED Done - xXxBaby-BooxXx

Medicine 13RedGreen YellowRedRedYellowRED Done - xXxBaby-BooxXx

Medicine 14RedGreen YellowYellowRedYellowRED Done - Hygeia

Medicine 15RedRedRedRedREDDone - PSQ

Medicine 16 *RedRedRedRedRED Done - PSQ

Medicine 17 *RedRedRedRedRED Done - PSQ

Medicine 18YellowYellowYellowYellowYellowYELLOW Done - PSQ

Medicine 19YellowYellowYellowYellowYellowYELLOW Done - PSQ

Medicine 20RedRedRedRedRED Done - PSQ

Medicine 21RedRedRedRedRED Done - PSQ

Medicine 22RedRedRedRedRED Done - PSQ

Medicine 23YellowGreenYellowYellowGreenYELLOW Done - PSQ

Medicine 24RedRedRedRedREDDone - PSQ

Medicine 25RedRedRedRedRED Done - PSQ

Medicine 26RedRedRedRedRED Done - PSQ

Medicine 27RedRedRedRedREDDone - PSQ

Medicine 28RedRedRedRedRED Done - PSQ

Medicine 29YellowGreenYellowRedGreenYellowYELLOW Done - Hygeia

Medicine 30RedRedRedRedRED Done - PSQ

Medicine 31RedRedRedRedREDDone - Hygeia

Medicine 32RedRedRedRedRED Done - Hygeia

Medicine 33RedRedRedRedRED Done - Hygeia

Medicine 34YellowYellow/RedYellowYellowYELLOW Done - Hygeia

Medicine 35RedRedRedRedREDDone - Beska

Medicine 36YellowYellow/GreenGreenYellowYellowYELLOW Done - Beska

Medicine 37YellowYellowYellowYellowYELLOW Done - Beska

Medicine 38YellowYellowYellowYellowYELLOW Done - Beska

Medicine 39YellowYellowGreenYellowGreenYellowYELLOW Done - Beska

Medicine 40YellowYellowYellowYellowYELLOW Done - Beska

Medicine 41YellowYellowYellowYellowYELLOW Done - Beska

Medicine 42RedRedRedYellowRED Done - Beska

Medicine 43RedRedYellowRedRED Done - Beska

Medicine 44YellowYellowGreenYellowYELLOW Done - Beska

Medicine 45YellowYellowRedYellowYELLOW Done - Beska

Medicine 46YellowYellowYellowYellowYELLOWDone - Beska

Medicine 47RedRedRedRedRedRED Done - Beska

Medicine 48RedRedRedRedRedRED Done - Beska

Medicine 49YellowYellowGreenYellow

Medicine 50YellowYellowRedRed

Medicine 51RedRedRedRedREDDone - PSQ

Medicine 52 ***RedRedRedRed

Medicine 53RedRedYellowRed

Medicine 54RedRedYellowRed

Medicine 55 ***

Medicine 56YellowYellowYellow

Medicine 57RedRedRed

Medicine 58RedRedRed

Medicine 59YellowYellowYellow

Medicine 60RedRedRed

Medicine 61YellowYellowYellow

Medicine 62YellowYellowYellow

Medicine 63 **

Medicine 64RedRedRed

Medicine 65RedRedRed

Medicine 66Red

Medicine 67Red

Medicine 68Red

Medicine 69Yellow

Medicine 70Red

Medicine 71Yellow

Medicine 72Red

Medicine 73Green

Medicine 74RedRed

Medicine 75

Medicine 76

Medicine 77

Medicine 78

Medicine 79

Medicine 80

Medicine 81

Medicine 82

Medicine 83

Medicine 84

Medicine 85

Medicine 86

Medicine Found. Yr 1RedRed